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Bringing improved reliability and increased productivity as well as a reduction in downtime and a smaller footprint, whilst meeting established standards.

Experienced and Easy-to-Connect

In environments where availability is a must, such as transport belts, assembly-cells and packaging lines, Belden® has completed many projects with many of the world’s leading manufacturers. With a wide product range covering technologies as different as Ethernet communication andanalogous I/O signals, Belden has the right products for all environments including those where space is limited with the benefit of reduced installation time and maintenance.


Leading-edge and Trusted

Delivering perfect performance in the toughest of conditions, whilst reducing downtime thanks to resistance to torsion, vibration and oil.

LioN-Link Motion

  I/O & Motion Control with LioN-Link

  Optimization of Field Wiring with LioN-Link, the modular IP 67 Fieldbus Solution

  • Two line per bus head (for Profinet, Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen®)
  • Fieldbus independent I/O Modules...
  • ... with up to 100 m extension per line and up to 15 devices per line

  LioN-Link Motion Drive Control

  • to set up the connection between actuators and various bus systems (Control of 24 V brushless drive technology)

A continuous stream of expertise

Belden can deliver the best solution for any factory automation application. We supply cables, connectors, proven industrial Ethernet switches, routers and firewalls. Belden’s high-quality Hirschmann™ and Lumberg Automation™ brand products are backed by our comprehensive service and support portfolio.

It is the ideal partner to address all your connection and network solution needs – today and tomorrow.

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