Rail on Board

The rail transportation challenge

Belden understands that, in order to effectively operate a safe and efficient rail transport network, the following challenges have to be addressed:

  • Information technology coming into the train, with a very high bandwidth requirement, intended to be used in Passenger Information Systems, Video Surveillance applications, as well as internet access to address increasing demand for travelling comfort
  • New trends in Train Control Management Systems requiring High Availability Networks and secure data
  • WLAN communication that is becoming a standard for train-to-train and train-to-ground communication
  • Camera surveillance systems, reducing reaction time of train staff and increasing passengers’ comfort and safety
  • All of these trends result in increased bandwidth requirements for onboard systems, a demand which Belden is able to help you meet with innovative future-proof network systems
  • Use of known/recognized equipment to meet varying customer demands

The Belden portfolio can be used to provide a network solution when implementing the following applications:

  • CBTC
  • CCTV Systems
  • Driver Advisory Systems
  • ETCS
  • E-Ticketing
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Passenger Counting
  • Passenger Information Systems
  • Remote Vehicle Telemetry and Diagnostics
  • Seat Reservations Systems
  • Wi-Fi Service for passengers