Hirschmann™ delivers solution for major Solar Energy project

Highest possible quality and reliability in thermosolar electricity generation technology

Torresol Energy’s flagship project, GEMASOLAR in Spain, is the first commercial plant in the world to apply central tower and heliostat technology, in an installation that generates approximately 110 GWh/year - electricity for 25,000 households.

As it is vital that the network system is constantly available and the efficiency of the power plant is linked with the control of the tracking system of the heliostats, only products with highest reliability and quality were chosen for this project.


To be certain of system continuity, no single point of failure
should be able to interrupt the communication within the power plant.

With extensive experience in the alternative power market, Belden was the only company with a thorough understanding of both the application and the network structure – and the ability to offer a comprehensive package that includes all the relevant hardware, software and services.

Only Hirschmann™ was able to deliver – and guarantee – maximum uptime, reduced installation time, highest flexibility, stable operation, increased security, greater cost-efficiency and a growing profit-per share ratio.

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