Station Level Communication

Belden delivers a complete communication infrastructure portfolio to station level, ranging from a comprehensive range of 19“ to DIN-Rail switches variations, Security and WAN Access devices, fiber and copper patch cables and a complete range of communication cables, including fiber, as well as enclosures.

Belden™ Universal Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Cables

The Belden Universal Fiber cable is well suited for outdoor/ indoor use in structured data wiring systems and is halogen-free with rodent protection.
Universal cable delivers the following benefits:

  • Maximum cost efficiency: one fiber cable can establish the connection between the cabinets in the control room and the outdoor cabinets in the switchyard, thus avoiding splicing when going from indoor to outdoor use
  • Easy installation: Belden cables are very light and thin to make installations as easy as possible in demanding substation applications
  • Cost efficiency: only a few hundred meters of fiber cable are required for a typical HV substation application as opposed to kilometers of copper wires
  • Operational reliability: universal optical cables do not require earthing, they are metal free and immune to lightning as well as electromagnetic interference, and improve the reliability of your application even under extreme conditions

Belden 10GX KeyConnect™ / AngleFlex™ Patch Panel

The Belden Patch Panel Series is a new line of patch panels mainly for copper applications. These panels provide better manageability and improved installation flexibility for control room installations. Belden 10GX Patch panels allow the use of unshielded or shielded Cat 6A/Class EA empty and preloaded with 24, 48 and 72-ports. Angled design supports efficient switch interconnection and delivers the following benefits:


  • Lower investments: built-in reliability with ultra-robust design to provide Installable Performance™
  • Maximize your performance: together with Belden 10GX cabling system, margin to spare (guaranteed to 625 MHz)


  • Maximize your performance: patent-pending removable angled inserts provide intuitive left, right or bi-directional patch cord routing and more efficient switch connection
  • 27% space savings per rack: angled inserts eliminate the need for horizontal cable management and that will result in space, cooling and power savings

Belden FiberExpress® Ultra HD Patch Panel

The new FiberExpress® (FX) Patch Panel is available as 1U, 2U or 4U system and provides ultra high density (HD) mount fiber connectivity and lightweight compact housing with improved installation for control room installations. Belden FX Ultra HD Panel allows 1G, 10G, 40G and/or 100G bandwidths. Empty or with pre-terminated cassettes with up to 72-ports (144 fibers) these panels deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduce OPEX through reduced floor space: four 18 MPO port frames results in 72 MPO ports per 1U dramatically increasing space savings
  • Reduced installation costs: one-person installation is possible thanks to lightweight housing and fast tool-less field design
  • Easy installation: sliding and tilting modules eliminate errors during installation
  • Mitigate Project Risk: 25-year parts and labor warranty with world class service, support and training

Belden ™ IBDN X-Series Enclosures

With the X-Series enclosures, Belden has combined its broad networking skill set, engineering and end-user interaction experience to create a solution that seamlessly integrates power distribution, air-flow containment and management, networking connectivity and cable management to provide optimized hosting conditions for servers and switches and delivers following benefits:

  • Ease of installation: Modular design with options on doors, side panels, and cable management
  • Reduction of cooling costs: the X-Series design allows for low resistance airflow through doors
  • Power savings: complete line-up of power distribution units (PDUs), featuring IP based power monitoring, alarming and receptacle level switching
  • Increased flexibility: designed to incorporate Belden’s fiber and copper connectivity solutions which allows unmatched hosting, connectivity and bandwidth density

Belden ™ Copper/ Fiber Ethernet Cord Sets

For harsher industrial environments, where communications and control networks are expected to operate consistently and reliably under extreme conditions such as electromagnetic interference (EMI), variable operating temperatures, mechanical hazards and much more, Belden offers a comprehensive range of industrial Ethernet cord sets. These deliver the following benefits:

  • Maximum flexibility: wide range of operating temperatures, a variety of connector configurations, a choice of design for confident installation in multiple locations and offered for standard Ethernet and other Ethernet protocols
  • Maintaining network reliability and signal integrity: Belden also offers bonded-pair technologies to ensure highest network signal reliability
  • Highest flexibility: thanks to a range of CAT X types from CAT 5e up to CAT 7
  • Robustness: suited for harsh conditions by providing shielded and robust versions that withstand high noise (EMI/RFI) environments in substations

Hirschmann™ MACH 1000 - Ruggedized and Modular 19" Switches/indestructible, rugged, IEC 61850 compliant Hirschmann™ switches for Fast-/ Gigabit Ethernet applications.

In addition to their excellent performance, these deliver the following benefits:

  • Greater efficiency: high port density in a modular design
  • Lower engineering costs: future proof IT technology increases flexibility and saves engineering time
  • Reduced service costs: reliability in changing ambient conditions reduces need for servicing
  • Maximize uptime: GOOSE protocol handling, redundant ring topology and fanless design guarantees low failure rates

Hirschmann™ HiVision - Network Management Software

Industrial HiVision is designed to meet the needs for maximum network visibility. It is ideal for configuring and supervising all Hirschmann™ managed networking products, as well as third-party devices, even whilst they are in operation. Hirschmann™ HiVision software delivers the following benefits:

  • Reduce settings and configuration effort: MultiConfig™ saves effort and reduces mistakes because it allows the configuration of multiple devices simultaneously with all password settings at once
  • Enhanced ease of use: automatic topology detection provides a more realistic depiction of network connectivity with managed and unmanaged switches
  • Maximized uptime: SNMP/OPC server enables the user to rectify faults before system failures occur and is easily integrated into SCADA applications
  • Improved system efficiency: monitoring and trend analysis for all manageable devices from any manufacturer and/or shows the status of the complete network system

Hirschmann™ RSP - Ruggedized DIN Rail Mount Security Switches

These manageable IEC 61850 compliant switches provide new redundancy procedures conforming to IEC-standard, for the first time, networks can be realized with uninterruptible data communication. Hirschmann™ RSP switches deliver the following benefits:

  • Greater flexibility: managed DIN Rail Fast-/Gigabit Ethernet-Switching of up to 11 ports allows the implementation of exactly the required product configuration which can be connected to a wide range of power supplies
  • Maximized uptime: GOOSE protocol handling, redundant ring topology and fanless design guarantees low failure rates
  • Increased reliability: IEC 61850 conformance redundancy switching from 0 milliseconds
  • Improved security: ensuring a complete defense against network attacks

Hirschmann™ EAGLE - Multi-Port Cyber Security Devices

The IEC 61850 compliant Eagle offers absolute flexibility for physical deployment, combined with state-of-the-art security functionality tailored to the unique requirements of substations and delivers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced security levels: highly efficient Industrial Security System makes it possible to split company networks into compartments
  • Reduced travel time and costs: distributed security solution can be operated remotely
  • Maximized uptime: high availability thanks to redundant ring topology and fanless design
  • Futureproofing your investment: additional functionality can be added via firmware upgrade and scalable operating concept
  • Extended usage: Get connected ADSL, SHDSL, VDSL, E1/T1 and UMTS as well as USB sticks and SD cards. WAN Access is optional with the second hardware release

Garrettcom™ Magnum 10ETS Terminal Servers

The 10ETS offers space efficiency and advanced serial and Ethernet port configurability for substation applications where maximum port count and diversity is required and delivers the following benefits:

  • Lower investments: one device combines Ethernet switching with terminal server functionality and addresses multiple functionalities
  • Space savings in cabinets and reduced use of power: high density TS solution
  • High flexibility and availability: modular hot swap with different kind of media to select, plus the substation approved device gives a high availability thanks to a dual power supply and a hot swap functionality for all modules and power supplies

Industrial Networking Highlights

  • RSP SwitchesManaged Industrial DIN Rail Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Switches
  • RSPL-LiteManaged Industrial DIN Rail Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Switches
  • MACH 1000 High port density 19” rugged substation Switch
  • Security Firewall Eagle controls access to the substation network