Process Level Communication

Belden strives to constantly increase the reliability and efficiency of process level transmission/distribution communication networks based on IEC 61850, DNP3, IEC 60870-5-104 or any other protocols. Our expertise ranges from a complete communication infrastructure portfolio of ruggedized Din-Rail substation switches variations, Embedded Ethernet switches, patch panels together with fiber and a full range of Belden® communication cables.

Belden™ Universal Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Cables

Belden Universal fiber cables are well suited for outdoor/indoor use in structured data wiring systems and are halogen free with rodent protection.
The Universal cable delivers the following benefits:

  • Maximum cost efficiency: Thanks to Belden’s universal cables, you only need one fiber cable to establish the connection between the cabinets in the control room and the outdoor cabinets in the switchyard. Consequently splicing can be avoided going from indoor into outdoor use
  • Easy installation: Belden cables are very light and thin to make the installations as easy as possible in demanding substation applications
  • Cost efficiency: Only a few hundred meters of fiber cables are required for a typical HV substation application as opposed to kilometers of copper wires
  • Operational reliability: universal optical cables do not require earthing, they are metal free and immune to lightning as well as electromagnetic interference, and improve the reliability of your application even under extreme conditions
  • Time saving: using fiber cabling combined with Modular Industrial Patch Panel - MIPP™ termination can be completed easily without additional tools

Modular Industrial Patch Panel - MIPP™

MIPP™ delivers the following benefits:

  • Cost savings: eliminates breaker termination
  • Increased uptime: port numbering supports structured cabling, requiring less maintenance time
  • Efficiency: avoid one by one installation by highly skilled workers and yet increase the speed and quality of installation thanks to well-defined and organized cable structure.
  • Easy and faster installation: no need for tools and better connection quality by using high performance solid pigtails for cabling in consolidation points and for equipment cords for better cross-connect configuration

Belden™ Copper/ Fiber Ethernet Cord Sets

For the harsher industrial environment where communications and control networks are expected to operate consistently and reliably under extreme conditions such as electromagnetic interference (EMI), variable operating temperatures, mechanical hazards and much more, Belden offers a comprehensive range of industrial Ethernet cord sets. These deliver the following benefits:

  • Maximum flexibility: wide operating temperature, a variety of connector configurations, a choice of design for confident installation in multiple locations and offered for standard Ethernet and other Ethernet protocols
  • Maintain network reliability and signal integrity: Belden also offers bonded-pair technologies to ensure highest network signal reliability
  • Highest flexibility: thanks to a range of CAT X types from CAT 5e up to CAT 7
  • Robustness: for harsh environments by providing shielded and robust versions that withstand high noise (EMI/RFI) environments in substations

Hirschmann™ RSP - Ruggedized DIN Rail Mount Security Switches

These manageable IEC 61850 compliant switches are offered in both Fast and Gigabit Ethernet versions, designed for extremely high demands. As they provide new redundancy procedures conforming to IEC-standard, for the first time, networks can be realized with uninterruptible data communication. Hirschmann™ RSP switches deliver the following benefits:

  • Greater flexibility: managed DIN Rail Fast-/Gigabit Ethernet-Switching of up to 11 ports allows the implementation of exactly the required product configuration which can be connected to a wide range of power supplies
  • Maximized uptime: GOOSE protocol handling, redundant ring topology and fanless design guarantees low failure rates
  • Increased reliability: IEC 61850 conformance redundancy switching from 0 milliseconds
  • Improved security: ensuring a complete defense against network attacks

Hirschmann™ RSR - Ruggedized DIN Rail Mount Switches

Manageable IEC 61850 compliant switches of the RSR family are offered in a Fast and Gigabit Ethernet versions which are designed for high temperature, shock, vibration or EMC. These switches deliver the following benefits:

  • Greater flexibility: with up to 11 ports and connected to a wide range of power supplies, they allow the exact implementation of the required product configuration close to the primary equipment
  • Improved reliability: ability to operate in extreme environments with temperatures ranging from -40°C up to +85°C
  • Maximized uptime: GOOSE protocol handling, redundant ring topology and fanless design guarantees low failure rate
  • Increased availability: thanks to redundant high voltage power supplies

Hirschmann™ Embedded Ethernet Switches EES - Device Integration Switch

Increasingly, substation control and protection devices and other IEDs can obtain network access, including switching and IEC 61850 defined redundancy functions. Hirschmann™ has developed a smart Embedded Ethernet family to offer a cost effective way for the integration of Ethernet into manufacturers’ devices.
Hirschmann™ Embedded Ethernet Switches deliver the following benefits:

  • Optimized time-to-market: Embedded Ethernet technology helps to improve your competitive position by focusing on your core activities
  • Increased productivity of installed equipment: IEC 61850 compliant redundancy switching from 0 milliseconds through integrated PRP Parallel Redundant Protocol
  • Greater flexibility: the IEC 61850 conform managed Fast- Ethernet-Switching of up to 6 ports allows the exact implementation of the required product configuration. The integrated switch supports star, bus and ring topologies
  • Future-proofing your investment: FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) delivers programmable functionality and supports multiple protocols without hardware changes

Hirschmann™ RSP - Smart - cost effective Substation Ethernet Switch

The functional scope of the new Hirschmann™ RSP-Smart has been designed with one critical aspect in mind: maximum network availability. This Industrial Ethernet switch enables cost-effective solutions for smooth substation processes – even in challenging environments such as transformer stations and delivers following benefits:

  • Uninterrupted data communication ensures high productivity of the substation automation systems
  • Cost-effective solution for maximum availability
  • Precise time synchronization allows applications to comply with stringent real-time requirements