Belden Oil & Gas solutions secure your communications networks on the offshore platform in a mission critical environment with serious hazard, dangerous explosion and challenges. Only Belden provides complete End-to-End Ethernet solutions, from ruggedized continuous armored control and information cables, to sealed oil resistant connectors, and industrially hardened Ethernet switches with redundancy PRP and HSR.

Belden products provide reliable signal transmission solutions fit for all networking aspects within oil exploration and production and has an extensive product portfolio aligned with industry standards and certifications. This includes UL/cUL Class I Div. 2, ATEX Zone 1/2, IECEx, ISA, and ABS/DNV/GL/LR, which ensure your network operation in the harsh environment with fluctuating temperature, corrosion and vibration.

In petrochemical and process automation, network failure is not an option. With over 7,000 employees, Belden brings a global sales team and provides local consultations and technical supports to deliver efficient services to our customers.

High availability

Belden offers a reliable and high-performance network based on our persistent security strategy of redundant Ethernet technology, cyber security and software management system, fulfilling all kinds of demands with special environmental conditions.

  • Zero network downtime with our products supporting redundancy protocols PRP and HSR.
  • Extraordinary performance of industrial Ethernet products with security functionalities.
  • Network can be defended by our integrated security solutions with cyber security products such as EAGLE series and new HiLCOS Hirschmann™ platform, managing reliable auxiliary network across the platform or plant operation, as well as process automation networks.
  • Management and visualization your comprehensive network with software management system Industrial HiVision.

Delivering cost-effective and low-risks technologies complying with international standards

Belden meets customer demands with solutions that surpass the competition, specifically with redundancy feature sets, technical capability and overall cost effectiveness. These solutions are compliant with international standards.

Belden has a broad portfolio of Hirschmann™ Ethernet switches and wireless modules that meet the strict IECEx and shipboard regulatory standards associated with the process automation market. We guarantee high performance and flexibility to DCS solution providers with maximum security and network segmentation capability.

Fiber optic cabling – a process based bus reduces the amount of copper wiring in the plant, while providing for network expansion. In the event of an electromagnetic surge, fiber guarantees 100% of your communication and the network infrastructure remains available. Furthermore, fiber decreases latency and better supports the high bandwidth demands of your growing auxiliary and surveillance networks. Cost efficiency with bidirectional fiber decreases latency and expenditures of commissioning expansive networks.

Extensive application

In addition to offshore rigs and control room applications, Belden products are widely used in separator stations, metering stations, pumping/compressor stations, LNG processing plants, transportation/storage, refining facilities and shipboards.

Delivering a complete solution

Belden is the only company that provides complete data and control communication solutions that meet the demanding needs of offshore applications.

  • End-to-End solution: Belden provides a full range of hardened products and security solutions to strengthen your competence in harsh environments, including strong wind forces, waves, and tides under different geological conditions and electromagnetic influences.
  • One-Stop-Shop solutions: Belden is able to provide customers and partners with one-stop-shopping for WLAN and firewall technology with redundant backbone structures. This technology is comprised of hardware, software and a full range of services, from consulting, planning, maintenance, site survey, training and configuration of all devices, to the commissioning and testing of the entire system at various stages, prior to handing over the entire system to end customers.
  • Proof of concept: Belden demonstrates our competence and customer benefits with our independent Pre-Qualification-Test, including Factory Acceptance Test (FAt), integrated Factory Acceptance Test (iFAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT).
  • Belden extends your strength with our special solution integrating and working together with third party products.

Developing the right products from scratch

Belden delivers the right solutions. Our success comes from listening to customers’ wishes and demands while developing the desired products efficiently and creatively. The testing of all products occurs with a three-phase quality management process, which guarantees 100% production testing before shipping to customers. The design and implementation of all Belden processes go well beyond the industry-independent ISO 9001:2008 standard. Hirschmann exceeds IRIS standard requirements and holds IRIS V 0.2 certification.

Industrial security and safety

Hirschmann networking products fortify critical networks, using cutting-edge industrial firewalls and embedded security technologies, while ensuring that networks are safe, secure and always available, especially in offshore mission-critical applications.

Manufactured in certified ISO 9001:2000 facilities, Belden industrial cables meet the particularly harsh conditions in such industries as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, power generation and more. These industrial cables are available with multiple armoring and jacketing options and include an extensive selection of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Cables for a much safer industrial cable alternative.

Oil & Gas has highly complicated situations, filled with critical technical challenges, strict health and safety challenges, varying environmental and low profitable economic as well as construction challenges. Belden is your reliable partner through:

Highly reliable products designed to meet industrial standards – ATEX, UL and Shipboard

Driven by minimizing risks, regulatory provisions emphasize more and more clearly that increasingly comprehensive industrial standards and certificates of components and installations are necessary for all systems on a platform. Belden Cable and Hirschmann have products that meet these demanding environmental conditions and regulatory requirements of the Oil and Gas industry, from UL Explosion-Proof to various maritime certifications.

Extraordinarily available communications secured by network redundancy solutions

Hirschmann offers a number of network redundancy solutions for a variety of network protocols and customer specifications. Belden supports its customers with an extensive line of products and network design without (or with minimum) failover time in all kinds of topologies. To increase network availability, the Oil and Gas industry is establishing new applications of redundancy standards, which includes parallel redundant protocols (PRP) and high availability seamless redundancy (HSR) – all of which Hirschmann supports.

Extensively flexible signal transmission with mobile solutions WLAN

WLAN solutions from Hirschmann provide an innovative control-based solution with a tremendous number of access points providing for uninterrupted communications on Oil and Gas offshore platforms. Hirschmann delivers WLAN solutions for hazardous locations.

Continuously all-day performance capability with high MTBF

With the consideration of increasingly demands of uninterrupted communication to reduce rising costs of production and exploration in the Oil and Gas industry, communication and network availability play an important role where long duration signal transmissions are critical. Hirschmann calculates the mean time before failure (MTBF) values, while conducting long-term tests and return analyses to guaranty the highest level of reliability.

Hardened solutions in the harsh environment with challenges of vibration, corrosion and fluctuating temperature

Oil and Gas platforms must continuously achieve optimal performance, while operating in harsh environments under mission-critical conditions. Demands on communication networks include safety, availability, reliability and durability in environments where vibration, corrosion, fluctuating temperature, tau, splash water, and pollution occur. Belden delivers special products to operate in these conditions.

The future of offshore – minimum offshore platform concept

Belden contributes to future proof developments and innovations to the Oil and Gas industry by providing cost-effective low-risks technologies that comply with international standards. Belden can fulfill minimum communication network requirements, while planning for future expansion.

What are the differences between PRP and HSR?

PRP and HSR are two seamless protocols without recovery time as defined by IEC62439-3. PRP stands for Parallel Redundancy Protocol and HSR is the abbreviation of High-availability, Seamless Redundancy.

PRP achieves to secure your communication without any packet loss. It does this by duplicating data in redundant networks. Meanwhile HSR can duplicate the packets in a ring network and requires a standard bandwidth 100Mb/s.

Why are Belden’s products competitive to secure your network communication?

Belden has a long-lasting reputation of providing redundant concepts for industrial communication networks. Hirschmann is an active member of IEC SC65C WG15. This is the committee that has written the Standard IEC62439 that contributed significantly to the essential content of IEC 62439 part 1 (General concepts and calculation models), part 2 (MRP, Media Redundancy Protocol) and part 3 (PRP/HSR), as well as applications. MRP, which is applied most widely nowadays, is developed based on our HIPER-Ring concept in 1998 and was standardized in 2008 as IEC 62439-2.

Therefore our long-existing experiences, continuously innovative technic developments and in-depth security products optimize network communication in harsh environment.

Which Belden's products can support PRP and HSR?

Hirschmann is the first manufacturer providing the products that comply with PRP and HSR protocols and offers a comprehensive range of industrial solutions, including embedded Ethernet, Ruggedized Wireless WLAN, industrial DIN Rail, as well as layer three Ethernet switches.

Has PRP and HSR been integrated into Belden products with proven applications?

Yes. At a response to customer requirements for PRP applications, Belden has integrated PRP and HSR into its product portfolios and these protocols are in use in the field today - generally in the areas of energy and transportation, where our customers believe that security is of significant importance.

Why are Belden’s products your reliable choices?

As a market leader, Belden offers you with comprehensive ranges of customer-oriented products, security-tailored network designs, experienced and professional technical support and continuously innovative technical developments. The Belden comprehensive product portfolio and industry-leading brands deliver premier solutions, while maximizing the customer experience with a long-standing and well-earned reputation for excellence.