Control Center Communication

Oil and gas companies need to be certain about their mission-critical applications. They demand certified products for maximum reliability, products that can operate in harsh environments and special software management systems. Belden offers a full range of unique solutions that meet these demanding requirements and facilitate the seamless sharing of information throughout a facility to maximize security and productivity. As the supplier of choice for pipeline and refinery installations, onshore and offshore, we introduce technology step-change by building on proven quality and performance.

Belden® Cabling and Cable Management

Belden Industrial cables are manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities to the industry’s highest standards of quality. To meet the particularly harsh conditions in such industries as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, power generation, etc. these calbes are available with multiple armoring and jacketing options.

Industrial Ethernet Copper Cables and Cordsets

  • Limits noise susceptibility and withstands the rigors of installation and operation with Bonded-Pair technology
  • Future-proofs industrial installations with high-bandwidth Cat6A and Cat5e solutions
  • Resists damage from oil, chemicals, rough handling, abrasion, UV/Sunlight
  • Available with Continuous Armor

Industrial Fiber Optic Cables

  • Provides immunity to electrical noise, extends transmission distance, in a lightweight, intrinsically safe, durable solution
  • Meets specific bandwidth, data rate, and transmission distance needs through five product levels (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, and OS2)
  • Withstands specific harsh industrial conditions with design options like armoring, double-jackets, chemical/abrasion resistance outer jackets, etc.


  • Cable management product, enables you to have a patch panel on a DIN Rail

Belden® Industrial Connectivity

Belden's robust connectors and cordsets ensure the operational reliability of your equipments in the most challenging environments, such as aggressive mediums, moisture and vibration.

  • Sensor connectors: Industrially proven M8/M12 connector technology provides you a quick and standardized installation of sensors, also in confined spaces.
  • Valve connectors: Rectangular connectors of the GDM-series for hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic actuators guarantee a reliable control of your valves.
  • Data connectors and cordsets: This is a big variety of data products that enables data transmissions over both Fieldbus system and Ethernet with the highest speed.
  • I/O Boxes: The industrial Ethernet modules allow a line of topology without additional network switches. The durability of a multitude of available I/O Boxes is the best choices for your applications.

Hirschmann™ Industrial Substation MACH1000 Switches

The robust MACH1000 devices have been designed specifically for the use under extreme ambient conditions like high temperatures, shock and vibrations and high EMI load.

High flexibility through:

  • 16 dual speed combo ports
  • Optional 4 PoE ports

High performance through:

  • PTP IEEE1588v2, accuracy 30 ns
  • Layer 3 option with multicast routing
  • Fastest ring recovery times

High operational safety through:

  • High vibration and EMI resistance
  • Fan-less cooling
  • Redundant power supply

Ruggedized Switches

Hirschmann™ EAGLE20-0400 and EAGLE30-0402

The Hirschmann™ multiport firewalls offer absolute flexibility for physical deployment combined with state-of-the-art security functionality tailored to the unique requirements of industrial Ethernet networks.

Maximum network availability

  • Robust, environmentally hardened casings
  • Extended temperature range

Cost saving with higher connection speeds

  • Increased number of ports
  • The EAGLE30-0402 provides with its Gigabit ports, where there is a need for link speed greater than 100Mb/s.

Innovative technology

  • The first firewalls in convection-cooled DIN rail housings to have up to six LAN ports, two of which are Gigabit ports with – optionally – additional WAN interfaces

Hirschmann™ EAGLE20-0400 and EAGLE30-0402

Hirschmann™ MSP

The MSP delivers secure control and process monitoring either installed centrally in the switch cabinet or locally in the distribution box. It is IPv6 ready and offers an extremely high level of network security and availability.

Unique security functions set new standards for network availability with security mechanisms regulating network access and protect against attacks

Future proof technic

  • Newest chipsets for high performance
  • Upgradable to Layer 3

Flexible and cost-effective solutions

  • Communication Modular design
  • DIN-Rail mounted Layer-3 Switch

Hazard ratings

  • ISA 12.12.01
  • CSA 22.2 no. 213
  • ATEX zone 2

New PowerMICE from Hirschmann™

Hirschmann™ Industrial HiVision

Industrial HiVision is a network configuration and supervision application designed to meet the specific challenges of managing an industrial communications system. Unlike traditional office network management systems, Industrial HiVision provides comprehensive information in a graphical format which will be familiar to any user of SCADA software.

Topology map

  • Real-time visualisation of network status
  • Customisable to mimic actual topology
  • Hierarchy accommodates any size of network

Comprehensive event handling

  • Events can be filtered to optimise readability
  • Event forwarding for immediate notification and escalation
  • Syslog client enables centralised event storage

Client / Server architecture

  • Multiple clients can simultaneously access the server
  • Clients include the provided GUI, a web browser, or a mobile device
  • Server supports OPC for SCADA integration

Industrial HiVision from Hirschmann™