Offshore Rig Communication

Belden offers complete solutions for scalable, redundant LAN and WLAN, which fully comply with industrial certifications and are supported by our comprehensive project management team and services, while improving operational efficiency and cost reduction.

Belden® Cabling and Cable Management

Belden Industrial cables are manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities to the industry’s highest standards of quality. To meet the particularly harsh conditions in such industries as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, power generation, etc. these cables are available with multiple armoring and jacketing options.

Control and Instrumentation Cable

  • Continuous Armor available for top physical protection from crushing/impact, and fluid ingress in hazardous locations
  • Insulation and jacketing upgrades to XLPE, CPE, Thermoset LSZH etc. for resistance to oil, water, heat, flame, hydrocarbons, UV/sunlight etc.

FieldBus Cable

  • Signal transmission for unified system of tightly-integrated digital control
  • Withstands humidity/moisture, dust, oil, UV/sunlight, temperature extremes
  • Available with Continuous Armor

VFD Cable

  • Cuts radiated and conducted noise to prevent downtime
  • Withstands voltage spikes providing low resistance ground path and reduction of reflected wave phenomena
  • Available in MCM gauge sizes, with Continuous Armor, in LSZH and 2kV designs


  • Cable management product, enables you to have a patch panel on a DIN Rail

Belden® Industrial Connectivity

Belden's robust connectors and cordsets ensure the operational reliability of your equipments in the most challenging environments, such as aggressive mediums, moisture and vibration.

  • Sensor connectors: Industrially proven M8/M12 connector technology provides you a quick and standardized installation of sensors, also in confined spaces.
  • Valve connectors: Rectangular connectors of the GDM-series for hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic actuators guarantee a reliable control of your valves.
  • Data connectors and cordsets: This is a big variety of data products that enables data transmissions over both Fieldbus system and Ethernet with the highest speed.
  • I/O Boxes: The industrial Ethernet modules allow a line of topology without additional network switches. The durability of a multitude of available I/O Boxes is the best choices for your applications.

Hirschmann™ Managed RSP Switches

The RSP switch series provide comprehensive security mechanisms to protect your network against attacks and operating errors and high network availability. This product achieves the first time to support both no-data loss technology PRP and HSR to extend widely application in critical industry, which are based on the international IEC62439 standard and therefore guarantee future security and interoperability. Its HiOS provides precise time synchronization compliant with IEEE 1588v2 plus a variety of redundancy protocols.

High productivity

  • Uninterrupted data communication with no-data loss technology HSR and PRP
  • "Switch-over time of 0 ms" guarantee high productivity for machines and systems

High availability

  • Extensive security functions guarantee all-round protection against network-borne attacks and operator errors

Future proof

  • Precise time synchronization with IEEE1588 enables applications to comply with stringent real-time requirements

Hirschmann™ Managed RSP Switches

Hirschmann™ Compact Industrial DIN Rail Mount Switches

The RS series are designed for the special requirements of industrial automation. They meet the relevant industry standards, provide very high operational reliability even under extreme conditions, and also long-term reliability and flexibility. You can set up your device individually based on different criteria: number of ports, transmission speed, media type, types of connectors, temperature range, certifications, and software variant.

High flexibility through:

  • 4 to 26 ports with fiber options and Gigabit capability, PoE available
  • Different software levels available

High operational safety through:

  • Extensive security and advanced management capabilities
  • Comprehensive redundancy and diagnostic features

High reliability:

  • High vibration resistance
  • Immunity to electrostatic discharge and magnetic fields
  • Fan-less cooling

Compact Industrial DIN Rail Mount Switches - Managed and Unmanaged.

Hirschmann™ OpenBAT Clear Space® Wireless

OpenBAT series have entirely new hardware and operate with HiLCOS to provide the support for IPv4/6 routing. All OpenBAT devices comply with the IEEE 802.11n WLAN standard – enabling data rates of up to 450 Mbit/s in both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands by using MIMO antenna technology. All access points can be used to quickly set up meshed networks, wireless distribution systems and point-to-point connections. Also possible are WAN and VPN applications.

Optimistic flexibility with maximizing cost effectiveness

  • Modular design permits the configuration of up to 8,000 versions
  • Dedicated versions per country approval to obtain an access point tailored to your precise individual requirements

Uninterrupted communication

  • Stable WLAN connections at all times
  • The robust hardware and integrated ESD protection make the OpenBAT family a model for dependability.

Hirschmann™ OpenBAT Clear Space® Wireless

Zone Level Security™

The Tofino Industrial Security Solution is a distributed security solution that quickly and cost-effectively implements cyber security protection within your control network. Tofino’s flexible architecture allows you to create security zones - Zone Level Security - throughout your control network to protect critical system components. Tofino helps you meet and exceed NERC CIP requirements and ANSI/ISA-99 Standards. Best of all, it helps you avoid expensive down time and achieve optimal performance in your plant.

User friendly

  • No IT knowledge required

Enhanced security and safety

  • Inspect deep packet and extend Cyber Security down into the control network

Simplified regulatory and standards compliance

  • ANSI/ISA-99
  • IEC 62443

Industrial Firewall System

Hirschmann™ OZD Series ATEX-Approved

Belden OZD products are designed to extend the operating environments, offering highest availability with its ring redundancy.

They comply fully with the industrial certificates

  • ATEX Zone 1/2 Div. 1
  • ISA 12.12.01 Class 1 Div. 2
  • ABS

They run over fiber and are capable to lengthen the transmission distances along with your application requirements without electromagnetic interfere.

OZD Profi PRO Series ATEX-approved

Hirschmann™ Waterproof IP67/IP54 OCTOPUS Switches

OCTOPUS switches are waterproof, vibration resistant and meet the highest fire protection requirements. They are also maintenance-free and characterized by optimum reliability. In addition, a variety of redundancy mechanisms ensure that production still continues even in the worst conditions.

Optimum fail-safety

  • Thanks to extremely robust hardware, comprehensive redundancy methods and security functions

Increased productivity

  • Owing to efficient network structures for optimum data communication

Less maintenance cost

  • Cabinet free installation

Waterproof IP67/IP54 OCTOPUS Switches