TSN – Time Sensitive Networking

Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a novel technology that offers an entirely new level of determinism in standard IEEE 802.1 and IEEE 802.3 Ethernet networks.

TSN is a technology that combines the large bandwidth capabilities of Ethernet with the determinism of a real-time fieldbus – all based on vendor-neutral standards specified by the IEEE 802.


This means that future Ethernet networks will be able to provide:

  • Calculable, guaranteed end-to-end latencies
  • Highly limited latency fluctuations (jitter)
  • Extremely low packet loss

Hirschmann is committed to further the TSN technology and deliver Industrial Ethernet switches with the highest possible quality standards and TSN support very soon after the technology introduction. This is visible through the “TSN Ready” logo on the front plates of a number of selected Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet switches.

All Hirschmann devices that carry the “TSN Ready” Logo will support TSN through an update in the near future.


To learn more about the topic and the first steps towards the new Industrial Ethernet, read the Belden press release on “TSN Ready”.

For which applications, however, are these characteristics really relevant and how exactly does TSN achieve this functionality?

Our new White Paper "Time Sensitive Networking" gives an overview of the most important functions provided by TSN and illustrates the advantages of using TSN in demanding industrial networks.

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