Wireless Communication in Smart Grid Deployments

A new White Paper explains how to develop wireless networks for smart grid applications such as distribution automation devices, metering infrastructure, security and mobile devices

If you are involved with designing communications infrastructure for substation automation or smart grid systems, don’t miss our white paper "Guide to Wireless Communication in Smart Grid Deployments". It explains how to use public 3G UMTS and 4G LTE cellular networks for reliable high data rate applications. The 4G LTE technology is ideal for smart grids, as it allows for the two-way communication, remote monitoring and control of the grid, quick and easy installation and broadband speeds.

This white paper explains:

  • The history and vision of the Smart Grid
  • The advantages of industrial cellular wireless communication over public networks
  • What to look for when choosing a wireless solution


Review example wireless solutions for substations, distributed generation and maintenance vehicles

To learn more about this topic please download the white paper
Guide to Wireless Communication in Smart Grid Deployments.