Remote Piloting of Bridges and Sluices By Belden’s Modular Switches of the Hirschmann Brand Provides Improved Control for Road and Harbour Traffic in Le Havre

Belden has provided switches and network management software for a new remote monitoring and control system of bridges and sluices in the major French port of Le Havre.

The system, installed by Actemium, has streamlined traffic flows and provides improved safety for users.


Using Hirschmann™ modular switches, Actemium renovated the entire network in just a few days. It upgraded the local Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to ensure local control and all the functions of control of the mobile works. It also implemented information sensors that allow, without direct visual on-site access, the operation of video cameras, detection cells monitoring intrusion, sound connections, measurements of the passage of road vehicles, and environmental measurements (basin heights, temperatures, wind speeds, etc).

All this was in addition to the Ethernet data transmission network that Actemium built. This comprises Hirschmann™ MS30 modular switches and MACH4000 backbone switches, providing a very high level of availability, all monitored with the use of Industrial HiVision management software. Plus, it constructed and installed centralized control units offering six operator consoles.
pression impedes moisture ingress at the back. Terminated with our unique double braided and stranded conductor video cable, the connector maximizes signal integrity, quality, performance and durability.