Automotive Manufacturing

In today’s automotive industry communication technology is facing a multitude of challenges such as ensuring high availability and reliability plus maximum flexibility and seamless automation.

Belden understands the automotive industry's unique requirements and provides machine builders and automotive manufacturers with a broad product portfolio and extensive solutions expertise.

This includes:

  • Cabling and cable management from Belden
  • Networking solutions (wired, wireless and embedded) from Hirschmann
  • Industrial connectivity products from Lumberg Automation

Combined with global service offerings such as design, engineering, and maintenance Belden is able to deliver safe, secure, high performance applications.

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1. A continuous stream of expertise, from a reliable partner providing specific solutions

To protect your investment, Belden offers unparalleled flexibility, individuality and future expandability enhanced by its persistence in innovation and long term collaboration with automotive manufacturers, machine builders and standard bodies.

2. Seamless and secure solutions keeping your system up-and-running

Belden enhances the automated production in the automotive world through maximum system availability and reliability based on efficient, secure and seamless solutions from a single source:

  • Belden cabling and Lumberg Automation industrial connectivity solutions deliver a variety of innovatively products that comply with the highest standards and strengthen your network communication even in harsh environments. This keeps your system up and running.
  • Hirschmann’s Ethernet switches, industrial security routers, software management systems, industrial wireless Ethernet solutions and patch panels ensure availability and reliability, using state-of-the-art zero packet loss technology. They also optimize your productivity and profitability through their easy-set-up and low maintenance design.

3. Digital manufacturing enhances efficiency

Belden offers maximum savings and flexibility as well as optimization of your productivity and profitability through integrated revolutionary communication systems. In other words, we invest to improve the industrial processes in manufacturing, engineering, material consumption, supply chain and life cycle management.

4. Global product availability, consulting and technical support

With over 7,000 employees and a global network that covers 100 locations throughout the world, Belden offers international product availability, professional consulting for network design, as well as training and competent technical support for your global communication between regional manufacturing centers, wherever you are.

1. Delivering complete end-to-end communication solutions for any factory automation application

Belden delivers the best solution for any factory automation application throughout the world, using Belden cables, Lumberg Automation connectivity, Hirschmann proven industrial connectors and Ethernet as well as PROFINET switches, routers and firewalls. All is supported by comprehensive service and support. This enables automotive manufacturers and machine builders to build complete solutions with end-to-end features management, diagnostics and filter functions, a variety of redundancy protocols, security mechanisms, and real-time applications. Giving you by far the most extensive function range in automation.

2. Developing your manufacturing intelligently: EtherNet/IP and PROFINET

  • Hirschmann is a full member of the PROFINET user organization and is the first independent supplier of network technology for this standard. Its network devices for PROFINET, almost all managed switches, firewalls and access points, can be seamlessly integrated into PROFINET environments, because they come with support for the PROFINET standard’s entire network function range.
  • Belden offers perfectly designed PROFINET network solutions from backbone to machine, both for copper or fiber optic data communications and for wireless technology: Specifically I/O modules (e.g LioN-R), a large range of switches (e.g. Octopus, OpenRail, MICE, MACH), industrial cyber security devices (EAGLE family) and wireless solutions (OpenBAT), which also interoperate fully into industrial / Process and EtherNet/IP environments.

3. Increasing your productivity and efficiency with our expertise

  • With network expertise in industrial connectivity, Lumberg Automation guarantees customers robust connections with sensor and valve connectors (up to IP67/IP68/IP69K) as well as hardened I/O modules up to IP67 in Ethernet and Fieldbus technologies and delivers special interface management to customized requests through our Connectivity Center.
  • Belden develops not only standard cables, but also cabling solutions for specific applications in in various industrial environments, such as flame retardant, torsion resistant, halogen-free, cross-linked wires and more. Belden provides customers with the best industrial connectivity solutions miniaturizing your assets and machine components for efficient manufacturing automation.

4. Managing entire systems for automotive manufacturers

Hirschmann network devices can be fully integrated into the management platform of Ethernet based protocols such as PROFINET. This enables customers to configure and monitor their network devices, using the plug-and-play principle, while providing convenient engineering for the entire system.

The Hirschmann network management system Industrial HiVision allows the supervision of any Ethernet-enabled network device, including routers, switches, and PLCs. With an OPC to SNMP gateway, as well as a graphical user interface available as an ActiveX control, Industrial HiVision can seamlessly provide network information to any SCADA application with lower maintenance cost.

Can PRP/ HSR be applied in automotive production lines and what are their benefits?

Yes. PRP and HSR are independent of any specific application, therefore it can be easily applied to automotive production lines. PRP and HSR are of benefit for every application that requires high availability and can not accept any interruption of the communication.

Does ProfiNet or EtherNet/IP influence the application of PRP/HSR?

No. Both PROFINET and EtherNet/IP have defined their own specific redundancy protocols. However PRP and HSR can nevertheless be applied to PROFINET and EtherNet/IP. It is most likely that PRP and HSR in the future may become common in these environments. Hirschmann devices support the simultaneous use of both PRP and HSR to create a zero packet loss network with the highest level of redundancy.

PRP or HSR, which one suits automotive production lines better?

It depends on the different focus of network design: PRP is a better solution, if high bandwidth is required. When customers do not require maximum bandwidth, HSR is a good choice and is also cheaper to install than PRP.
However a major advantage of PRP is the ability to mitigate multiple network failures - in other words, when zero packet loss is required. In contrast, HSR covers only one failure. Nowadays, the communication network inside an automotive manufacturing mainly works over a ring network topology, therefore HSR may be recommended. If zero packet loss is not required, PRP with recovery times of 10ms or 30ms is  interesting for customers.

How can automotive vendors protect their manufacture systems against internal and external Cyber Security threats?

Belden offers a reliable and high-performance network based on persistent security strategy of redundant Ethernet technology, cyber security and software management system, fulfilling all kinds of demands with special environmental conditions – now and future.  

  • Zero network downtime with the Hirschmann devices and software supporting redundancy protocols PRP and HSR.
  • Extraordinary performance of the Hirschmann industrial Ethernet products with security functionalities. 
  • Network can be defended by integrated security solutions with cyber security products, dedicated industrial firewall and software management system, such as EAGLE series and new HiLCOS Hirschmann platform.
  • Management and visualization your comprehensive network with software management system Industrial HiVision.

How can wireless solutions provide highest availability in different automotive production lines?

Hirschmann wireless solutions offers customers stably uninterrupted communication even in critical applications and environments.

  • It comply with fully standard redundancy technology:
    - Standard and wireless redundancy network design / redundant wireless networks
  • It is a more cost-effective and easier solution than standard wired network design:
    - Saving expensive costs for buying and installation of cables
    - Failure reduction as cabling and connection is not needed
  • It extends the scale and scope of communication application and services:
    - Mobile to mobile communication anytime and anywhere
    - Simple Remote monitoring and service from distance
  • Future proof back up solution for the wired network communication

What are the three main reasons for taking Belden solutions as your primary choice?

1. Integrated and seamless networking communication product portfolio:

  • Highest reliable and secure switches and I/O modules for both standard Ethernet and PROFINET environments
  • Industrial proven cabling and innovatively designed connectivity solutions

2. Complying with the state-of-the-art technical protocol of automotive industry:

  • EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, PROFIBUS I/O modules
  • Newest standard redundancy protocols

3. Uninterrupted communication in harsh environment:

  • Maximum resistance against welding sparks, chemical corrusion, vibration and temperature variations
  • Perfectly optimized cabling and connectivity solutions suitable for use with cable chains and robotics
  • Safe solutions - halogen-free and UL certified design

Why is industrial cable better than commercial cable for industrial environment?

The communications infrastructure comprises switches, cables and connectors. Network components and media are the cause of over 70% of all network faults, – so it is clearly that the hardware is very important to the network.

Therefore the costs of high performance components are minimal compared to the expenses of a network failure, where downtime expenditures can be measured in thousands of €uros a second. If a commercial Ethernet switch or cabling system fails in an industrial environment, the real cost to the manufacturer is typically much more than just the replacement cost of the components.

high quality industrial cabling solutions from Belden help you to increase your profitability for the lifetime of the production line.

Why should I choose Lumberg Automation I/O modules?

LioN-R modules for PROFINET enable cost effective solutions whenever you need to connect sensors and actuators to controllers. They owe their high functional reliability to the galvanic isolation between sensors / actuators and PROFINET, and to their simple diagnostics concept, both ensuring maximum machine operating times. Because the modules come with an integrated 2-port switch, you can even implement line topologies without needing additional switches, so also saving investment costs. The standardized M12 connection technology brings further benefits.

In comparison with parallel wiring, the efforts for all types of tasks are further reduced – from planning, installation and maintenance right through to warehousing. What’s more, M12 connection technology is a future-proof investment. In other words, you can extend your plant and equipment quickly and easily at any time.

Combined with the “easy diagnostics” concept, the galvanic isolation between sensors/actuators and PROFINET brings maximum availability of systems and machines

  • Short circuit-proof outputs contribute to maximum functional reliability
  • The “fail-safe” function ensures reliable operation as well as safe switch-off in case of faults
  • Support for RT and IRT real-time standards
  • PNO-certification and UL approval
  • EtherNet/IP models available: secure EtherNet/IP connection of sensors and actuators to controllers

Why is cable management important?

Belden provides simple and efficient system management with greater reliability and less maintenance. It manages cable address to ensure plug the right cable in the right ports.

Belden offers two different high quality solutions for your cable management: Din-rail and 19’’.

MIPP, the market first, is Belden’s modular industrial patch panel combines copper and fiber management in one easy-to-connect modular panel on a DIN-rail. It enables customer to instal it easily and quickly, save time and significantly reduce initial set-up costs. In addition, it offers maximum flexibility: each module can be easily removed or replaced.

19’’ patch panels with high port density fit perfectly in all cabinets with compact space saving design. It offers large space for marking the ports and a very convenient possibility for the installation.