Body Shop

Seamless and integrated solutions for the Bodyshop

Belden offers a broad portfolio of highest quality networking, connectivity and cabling products. The company’s long term in-depth knowledge and experience in automotive manufacturing combined with world-class global training, support and logistics - makes Belden the ideal solutions partner to achieve maximum uptime and reliability for your production.

The challenges in a Bodyshop

In today’s bodyshop the critical success factor is maximum system uptime, even in a harsh environment. This can only be achieved safely and securely with efficient, seamless solutions from a single source.

Belden understands that in order to operate an effective bodyshop communication network system the following challenges have to be addressed:

  • High uptime and maximum reliability even in harsh environments
    Minimum downtime and comprehensive (remote) diagnostic options are required. All devices used in a bodyshop must guarantee maximum lifetime and quality, and be able to withstand all kinds of stress including vibrations, welding sparks, oil, acids, humidity and more.
  • Globalization
    Manufacturers of components and solutions must be able to offer professional worldwide training, consulting, logistics and after-sales support.
  • Unique solutions for customer individual requirements
    Individual manufacturers and regions have their own standards and specific requirements. Automotive production lines are constantly developing new individual specifications to fit their latest generations of products.
  • Maximum performance and cost effective technologies
    Increasing customer expectations with regard to safety, environmental protection and comfort, combined with increasing pressure to cut costs.
  • Non-stop safe and secure solutions
    Security is becoming one of the biggest challenges in order to guarantee a continuous production without any security risk. A safe working environments in automotive manufacturing, 24 hours a day for 365 days a year have to be achieved.
  • WLAN communication
    WLAN solutions are becoming standard in various applications and need to be incorporated in the service and operation of machines.

The Belden portfolio is suited for the creation of network solutions in the following applications:

  • Robot/Machine level communication (Monitoring, inspection and control)
  • Conveyor communication & logistics
  • Communication within and between production cells
  • Cabinet communication
  • Ethernet communication infrastructure for control rooms
  • Management drive and control of the production process
  • Emergency surveillance and control
  • Complete sheet metal part inspection
  • Automated quality control