Professional Broadcast

In today's fast-moving broadcast industry, the demand for high performance communications has become more prevalent than ever before. As a result, the need has increased for professional quality cabling systems and components that can span a vast spectrum of applications. Within the Broadcast industry, our cabling and connectivity expertise is legendary, making us the top choice of broadcast professionals everywhere.

Our products give broadcasters rock-solid reliability – an attribute that is extremely important when downtime is simply not an option.

Professional Broadcast industry’s goal is to deliver audiovisual content without any delay or disruption to the audience

Belden understands that you require increased capacity, high definition, file-based workflow, flawless audio/video stream and delivery of content to different platforms, while meeting the following criteria:

  • Ultimate performance
  • Efficient technology
  • Optimal transmission

To meet these needs, Belden has designed audio and video cabling that provide the absolute signal integrity and no system downtime, reliability and availability. Belden provides performance for both critical field applications (where cable is dragged, crunched and tread upon) and permanent studio installations (where the long run is all important).

  • Product Bulletin 508Belden introduces the WatertightLocking 1-Piece HD Brilliance® BNC Compression Connector.

Professional Video Cables and Connectors


High-quality coaxial video cables and connectors that deliver excellent picture quality over extended distances