Upgrade to the Latest HD Experience

Content providers who operate in competitive media segments know the importance of producing flawless HD video content for their production and live streams. But delivering rich media content like HD or 3G video over an existing coaxial network can put enormous strain on network resources.

To solve this problem, Belden has specifically HD designed coaxial cables – so there is no need to upgrade to fiber optical networks. While the cost of fiber has been coming down recently, it is still expensive to implement, and requires specialized system design, installation and maintenance, when compared to the traditional coax and BNC infrastructure.

Developed to meet the professional broadcast industry‘s increased demand for high-definition products, these cables deliver the following benefits:

  • Lower cost: reduced service and maintenance costs
  • Protect your investment: extended life of existing cabling
  • Support future growth plans
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Guaranteed performance: guaranteed Return Loss (-21dB upto 4.5 GHz)

Installable Performance™

  • Highest productivity: Belden‘s HD coaxial cables are produced to exceed transmission distances
  • Improve system uptime
  • Maximize performance: using pre-timed bundled Video Cables


Be certain, Belden’s HD coaxial cables allow you to deliver SD, HD and 3G video in a manner that exceeds customer expectations with outstanding transmission distances.

Belden, the brand Broadcast Engineers trust, brings you innovation and superior performance and delivers the following benefits:

  • Save time: 1-Piece HD Brilliance BNC Compression Connectors with Non-Blind Entry simplify and speed up the installation by eliminating loose pins and sleeves compared to the traditional 3-Piece Crimp BNCs
  • Maximize quality: superior return loss through 4.5 GHz
  • Improve system uptime
  • Increase safety in outdoor applications: patented Compression Rings prevent moisture migration and provide excellent holding strength
  • Lower total cost of ownership: limited Lifetime Connector Warranty when partnered with Belden Cable


Be certain, Belden’s 1-Piece HD BNC connectors allow repeatable and consistent installations every time while delivering return loss performance on a par with more time consuming, traditional 3-piece designs.


Professional Video Cables and Connectors


High-quality coaxial video cables and connectors that deliver excellent picture quality over extended distances

Maximum Transmission Lengths

Belden’s precision digital cables and the distances they can go for both HD and 1080p.