Audio and Control Data over Ethernet in Live Events

Audio signal routing and control capabilities over Ethernet-based systems are rapidly gaining acceptance for live sound because of its low latency. Setting up a complicated audio system every day, in constantly changing venues and in the time limitations of a few hours is a real challenge. Thousands of kilos of hardware, kilometers of cable and hundreds of connections are required for system operation.

Key for a successful cabling infrastructure is to enhance overall ruggedness, portability, survivability and re-usability. Belden has designed Ethernet and control cables for the harshest heavy duty environments.

Extremely rugged cables for use in high traffic areas deliver faster and stable installations as well as the following benefits:


  • Save costs: compact, round cable design for ease of transportation and deployment
  • Save on investment: increased operational lifespan through low memory effect


  • Maximize performance: extremely low skew delay of 2.2 nsec/100m
  • Save costs: skew compensating equipment is not necessary as it would be for standard data cables


Be certain. Belden’s cable products are engineered and developed for areas which may be affected by external noise, such as transformers, electric motors, and fluorescent lighting.

Provides a reliable and ideal solution for audio and video applications.

  • Single Mode and Multi Mode Fiber
  • Extends distance limits of audio and video systems – you can use existing equipment for each job and protect your investment
  • Maximize your performance
  • Superior bend performance with new bend Insensitive Fiber
  • Fiber cables are easier to install since they are smaller and more flexible than thick multi-pair copper cables – even with repeated use, which will reduce transport cost and labor time
  • Rugged yet flexible construction for reliable outdoor performance
  • Maximize your performance, because ideal for low temperature applications -70°


Tactical fiber cabling solutions are all-round products, which displace the need for specific cables for audio, video and control.


Product Highlights

CatSnake Cat. 5e and 6a
robust and very flexible solution for digital audio transfer over conventional data cabling

Product Highlights

TAC Fiber Cable
Extreme robust and very flexible cabling solution