Production or Re-production of Sound

Professional audio systems are always handled by technicians who work either for live support or audio mastering. Critical part of any audio cable is the delivery of stable high-end audio. For fixed installation it must be easy to connect and for live installation it must be robust and extremely flexible.

All these aspects are reflected in our wide range of different audio cables for each individual need.

Specially designed for the broadcast industry, Belden’s full family of single-pair and multi-pair audio cables includes:

Beldfoil® Shield

  • Save time: faster installation thanks to the simplicity of the preparatory work in the termination process
  • Improve reliability: higher quality of terminations

French Braid® Shield

  • Lower cost of ownership: improved flex life over standard spiral shields or conventional braid shields and lower microphonic or triboelectric noise

Datalene® Insulation

  • Improve performance: delivering an impedance of 110 Ω ± 10% and a capacitance of 42.7 pF/m


Radio and television broadcasters are going digital. Digital formats are setting the standard in recording studios, video post-production, film production and many associated applications, and the reason is clear: digital provides superior audio performance.