Cable Termination

All broadcasters require reliable and fast solutions – in any cabling installation, termination of cables is one of the most time consuming, complicated and error-prone elements.

Belden offers a reliable „plug-and-play“ cabling solution for faster and risk-adverse installations, delivering the following benefits:

  • Improve quality of terminations: using Belden HD video cables together with Belden’s HD BNC connectors
  • Lower total cost of ownership: Limited Lifetime Connector Warranty
  • Save costs: customized lengths of each product available so cabling upgrades or extensions can be done with cable assemblies that are not too short or so excessively long that there is no space to store the excess cables
  • Save time: plug-and-play connectivity for easy installation
  • Maximize performance: terminations are produced in a clean factory environment by skilled personnel. Each cable assembly is 100% checked in the factory


Pre-terminated cabling solutions are “plug and play” systems, which displace the need for in the field termination and testing. Cable assemblies arrive pre-tested and having been factory terminated by Belden under strict observance of quality control.