Converting of Signals

Video signals should run from copper to fiber, from BNC to ST, from ST to LC, from short to very long distances. Interfaces are needed to converge different technologies.

Belden Telecast develops and produces high-end fiber optic converter solutions for faster and risk-adverse installations, delivering the following benefits:

Belden Telecast SHED and HDX with Fiber Optic Converter

  • Reduce costs: standard Single Mode Fiber assembly for indoor and TAC Fiber assembly for outdoor can be used instead of more expensive SMPTE311 cable assembly
  • Investment protection: sufficient bandwidth for very long-run applications
  • Greater reliability
  • Lower service and maintenance costs

Belden Telecast RATTLER with Fiber Optic Converter

  • Reduce costs: extend the distance by using the existing BNC device at the video display and convert it into fiber optic signal running of a single mode fiber cable


Belden Telecast fiber optic converters use a process called optical multiplexing, which allows the running of both analog and digital signals simultaneously on the same strand of fiber optic cable.