Ethernet in the Paper Factory.



In 2004 Stora Enso acquired 66% of the Polish packaging manufacturer Intercell S.A. and created Stora Enso Poland, now one of the leaders in the Polish pulp & paper marketplace. The company produces pulp, paper, paper bags, corrugated cardboard, and boxes, using ecologically sound and sustainable processes. Due to the severe atmospheric conditions, the old copper network needed to be replaced by more reliable fiber optic cables.

Hirschmann™’s products were chosen because they not only function under extreme environmental conditions, but also support high availability redundancy protocols. The end result is that the new network has improved the resilience of the entire manufacturing process.



The project was planned by PRODUS S.A., Hirschmann™ Partner in Poland, which focuses on project management, and high performance integration of advanced computing, telecommunication, automation, and security systems. The state-of-the-art high-availability solutions offered by PRODUS for this project are ideally suited to the industrial sector, and are based on proven products and systems from manufacturers such as Hirschmann™. These solutions guarantee absolute flexibility: from integration, through modernization, to system expansion.
In this case the customer needed to separate two networks:

  • the Masterbus network, which is used to connect all the QCS/DCS process stations.
  • the TCP/IP network, which is used to link the other networked devices.

Stora Enso Poland opted for the Hirschmann™ MICE family, because it facilitates future network expansion, as well as providing flexible hot-swap component replacement and addition without stopping the production process. The complex network structure was built using only five different Hirschmann™ components. This simplified the installation process, and guarantees minimum operational costs throughout the entire network lifecycle.

Project parameters

  • 8 technology island
  • Double LAN network
  • Copper and Fiber Optic connections
  • 100Base-FX Industrial Backbone
  • Ethernet TCP/IP standard protocols


  • Operation in a harsh environment
  • Integration of QCS/DCS platforms: Advant - ABB
  • Fail-safe reliability
  • Ethernet/ Fast Ethernet
  • Easy network expansion and component replacement


  • Double LAN structure
  • 100Base-FX Fast Ethernet HIPER-Ring backbone networks
  • Copper star connections to workstations, servers, and ABB drives
  • 8 technology island arranged for ease of operation and maintenance
  • Network continues to function even when one technology island is powered down for preventive maintenance.

MICE 2000 and 3000 family:

  • 8 x MS3124-4
  • 4 x MS2108-2
  • 22 x MM3 - 2FXM2/2TX1
  • 27 x MM2-4TX1
  • 21 x RPS 60

Why Hirschmann™?

  • High reliability
  • Equipment works in extreme environmental conditions
  • Industrial standard products
  • Homogenous product family
  • Hot-plug replacement