Ethernet for the wood pulp world leader.



Arauco is a group of industrial forestry and commercial companies owned by the Chilean corporation Celulosa Arauco y Constitución S.A. It is one of Latin America’s largest forestry enterprises in terms of plantation area and yields, the production of market Kraft wood pulp, sawn timber and wood panels. The company owns six wood pulp mills, five in Chile (two initiated production in 2004 and 2006) and one in Argentina. Its overall production capacity will be 3.15 million metric tons per year in 2007 (once Nueva Aldea reaches full production capacity), thus becoming the wood pulp world leader producer.



The newest pulp mill is Nueva Aldea, with a production capacity of 856.000 Adt/year, generating also 63 MW of surplus power. The mill includes the following major process areas: wood handling & preparation, fiber line, pulp machines, recovery boilers, turbo-generators, evaporators, recausticizing, lime kiln, and process related balance of plant (BOP) areas. Investment (entire complex): US$ 1.2 billion.

The process is controlled, in all areas, by a distributed control system (DCS). A Process Network comunicates the DCS and additional equipments throughout the entire Mill. Arauco selected Hirschmann™ jointly with its local distributor Abmatic as supplier of the Process Network equipment.

Project parameters

  • Three physically separated networks
  • The first (PRY) and the second (SEC) will serve DCS traffic only
  • The third is the Plant (PLT) Network, it will include traffic from CCTV, vibration monitoring systems, wireless system (WI-FI) and other miscellaneous TCP/IP devices


  • A solution for an industrial process environment
  • Robust design
  • Complete monitoring system
  • Expandability
  • Availability (MTBF)


  • 3 x MACH 3002
  • 42 x MICE MS3124-4
  • 33 x LION 24-TP
  • Abmatic supplied cabinets, local mounting and tests

Why Hirschmann™?

  • High quality products
  • High reliability
  • Robust design of MICE and MACH 3002
  • Cost effective
  • Optimum references from other projects worlwide
  • Strong, good partnership with its local distributor ABMATIC