Belden Endorses Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

One of the biggest issues facing the data centre owner today, is how to reduce energy consumption as energy usage has escalated over the past 10 years. In order to provide guidance on how to address this problem the “EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres Energy Efficiency” was developed by the European Commission. In 2009, Belden became an Endorser of the code.

As an Endorser of the EU Code of Conduct, Belden engages with customers promoting the strategic objectives of the code to increase energy efficiency and monitor energy consumption within the data centre which in turn reduces operating costs.

One of the largest areas of energy usage in the data centre is for cooling, estimated to account for up to 40% of a data centre’s total energy consumption. This is also known to be an area of great inefficiency, largely due to the oversupply of cold air to the data centre quoted as being 2.6 times the amount actually consumed by the IT load. By improving air management and cooling, this can deliver a significant improvement in energy consumption and therefore a large payback.

DC EU Code of Conduct

The EU Code of Conduct “Best Practices” provides design concepts for improving air management and cooling, whose basic intent is to contain and separate the cold air from the heated return air on the data centre floor. Belden can provide solutions to help improve your air cooling and management within the data centre. Smart design can drastically improve air flow and some of our products include: Adaptive Enclosure Heat Containment system, Angleflex and our reduced diameter Category 6A RoundFlex cables as well as many more.

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