Equipment Distribution Area (EDA)

The EDA is where cabinets and racks house end equipment (servers) and where Horizontal Cabling from the HDA is terminated at patch panels.

Cable Termination

Data Centers need to bring new client revenue streams online rapidly with zero downtime, “extreme” network availability, and no business disruption – in any cabling installation, termination of cables is one of the most time consuming, complicated and error-prone elements.

Provides a reliable „plug-and-play“ cabling solution for faster and risk-adverse installations – and delivers the following benefits:

  • Greater reliability: Belden 10GX Cable Assemblies are designed to offer the reliability and performance of factory terminations
  • Save time: in a typical 42U cabinet containing 28 x 24 port UTP patch panels, the length of time spent terminating these panels would be around 35 hours. The pre-terminated solution of the same size could be installed in just nine hours – a saving of three and a half days of labor on the UTP system
  • Improve quality: simplicity of the configuring and ordering process thanks to improved quality of terminations
  • Eease of installation: through flexible 10GX Cable Assemblies
  • Reduce costs: cabling upgrades or extensions can be completed in one overnight operation to reduce cost and eliminate downtime
  • Maximize performance: plug-and-play 10GX RJ45 Connectivity ensured because terminations are produced in a clean factory environment by skilled personnel. Each cable assembly is 100% checked in the factory


Pre-terminated cabling solutions are “plug and play” systems, which displace the need for in the field termination and testing. They are a consistent further development from traditional installation methods, as the systems arrive pre-labeled and pre-tested, having been factory terminated by Belden under strict quality control.


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