Entrance Room/Telecommunication Room (ER/TR)

The entrance room is the location for access provider equipment, demarcation points and interface with other campus locations.

Stable Signal Transmission

Perhaps no other market segment values cable performance as highly as the data centre industry. Signal transmission failure is not an option in the location of interface with campus and carrier entrance facilities.
In this industry, cable performance has both immediate and far-reaching implications, and that means the cables must deliver absolute signal integrity with no system downtime.

Belden coax

Offering outstanding Return Loss guarantee and the best long-run performance, Belden Silver-plated Copper Conductor, Foam HDPE Insulation, Beldfoil®, 93% Coverage Braid Shield delivers the following benefits:

  • Support your future growth plans
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Maximize performance


Be certain. Belden 735 and 734 cables can be used to connect the incoming coaxial telecom circuit to deliver best performance internet access.


Product Highlights