Public Transport

Transportation Systems for Secure and Future-proof Investment


As more people switch to using more sustainable transportation modes such as train, tram or bus, operators need to ensure passenger comfort and safety as well as the security of rolling stock and terminals. Hirschmann™ products have been approved in accordance with the IRIS International Railway Industry Standard, exceeding the ISO 9001:2008 Standard and meeting the stricter requirements of the Railway Industry. It is for this reason that train operator organizations increasingly adopt Hirschmann™ products into their environment.

Field-attachable Connectors on Rails


Compact and robust made-to-measure or molded M12 connectors from Lumberg Automation™ were developed to meet railway standards. Used in conjunction with special cables, Ethernet links are generated to the respective data processing devices. Special attention is given to maintaining extremely low transmission resistance so that even with multiple cycles, the performance loss at connecting points is minimized.

GDM – Dynamic braking systems in trains


GDM connectors from Hirschmann™ offer security, robustness and power density combined with a high rating of IP protection. The performance loss at connection points plays a decisive role in the long-term operation of dynamic braking systems in trains. Our customers has selected Hirschmann™ GDM connectors to fulfill these requirements. Thanks to the patented tulip contact, the performance loss with these connectors is consistently and extremely low, even when subjected to vibration or when used in multiple cycles, because the contacts cannot be deformed by mechanical stress, as would happen with fork contacts. The cable gland used also ensures reliable connectivity even if the cable is under extreme physical tension, thus reducing the risk of possible damage to the contacts.

Metro München


For the Munich metro system, Hirschmann™ network switches were used to modernize 18 trains and 90 trams with Ethernet technology. This guarantees highest availability which is especially important for the combined video, audio and data streams. Hirschmann™ Ethernet networks deliver effective transportation solutions in new and in existing infrastructure and trains, which can be retrofitted without the need to replace existing cabling. Wireless network communication offers further opportunities, such as an excellent solution for coupling trains without increasing the cabling and weight.

Open and flexible Ethernet infrastructure for SBB


Hirschmann™ technology brings greater efficiency and passenger safety as well as comfort to the Swiss Railways. More than 285 million passengers and approximately 50 million tons of goods are transported by SBB Railways along a 3000 km long route network. In order to improve services for passengers and to make the operating processes even more efficient, SBB decided in 2003 to introduce a new, flexible state-of-the-art Ethernet based and open infrastructure for customer information, video monitoring and passenger counting. The first trains to be upgraded are the double-decker commuter trains (DPZs) and the modernised lowered floor commuter trains (MPZs). These are being fitted with Hirschmann™ technology between 2007 and 2013.