Alternative Power Generation

Solar Energy


The technological evolution in solar energy and the finite availability of fossil fuels as well as their increased price allows for medium to long term competitive solutions for thermo solar plants or hybrid plants with other fossil or renewable sources of energy. Belden has been at the forefront of these developments, helping solar project operators to manage and control the installations with advanced Ethernet solutions.

Connecting photovoltaic parks with M12


Bringing efficiency to renewable energy is Sun Tracker, a photovoltaic solar panel support structure that is mobile and able to follow the sun. The structure can be oriented both in Azimut and elevation with the help of electric motors. Its greater efficiency allows the energy performance to grow by 30%, using the same amount of surface, because the solar panels are always turned towards the sun, between sunrise and sunset.

In order to provide the controller with information, there is a need for proximity sensors at the start and end of the trajectory. This translates to a total of up to 8 sensors and one splitter per sun tracker. Thanks to Lumberg Automation™ IP67 connecting technology in M12, installation is fast and maintenance easy. The key benefits are a reduction in production, installation and maintenance costs – with the added advantage that the cabinets are smaller and take up less room.

Thermosolar Project


Gemasolar is a concentrated solar plant (CSP) located in Fuentes de Andalucia in Spain. With a 150 m high central solar tower receiver, it has a turbine capacity of 17MW surrounded by 2.650 heliostat mirrors and molten salt storage energy system. For the control of the Gemasolar plant, Hirschmann™ network communication technology ensures that 25.000 households are supplied with clean and secure energy, reducing CO2 emissions by more than 30.000 tons a year.

Wind Energy


The use of wind is one of the fastest growing ways to generate energy, both on-shore and off-shore. Belden with its Hirschmann™ brand has been involved from the very beginning, providing network switches and wireless solutions, facilitating cost and resources through effective operations. Applications range from transmission of telemetric data to video monitoring of wind farms, whilst the introduction of the latest WLAN-Standards makes it possible to even network outlying farms. Belden offers complete communication solutions for wind energy providers from one source. Lumberg Automation™ connectors ensure that both cables and network switches are connected securely to ensure uninterrupted and long-lasting operation.

Connecting Wind turbines


Due to increasing requirements for safety and dependability, a number of different sensors are now used in wind power systems. These sensors are deployed to register factors such as wind pressure, wind speed or the position of rotating components. With a large number of different sensors and high demands placed on data communication in harsh environments, high-quality, state-of-the-art cabling solutions are an absolute necessity for wind turbines. This is why the actuator/sensor distributors from Lumberg Automation™ combine compact construction with fast installation, simple connectivity and space-saving design. They are also highly resistant to shocks and vibrations, feature long-term stability thanks to gold-plated contacts, and comply with protection class IP67.

Cable solutions

Optimum cabling solutions are made possible thanks to the sensor connectors and cables from Lumberg Automation™. The wide range of variants - including different cable types, construction forms, pin numbers and contacts, with or without quick-connection technology - ensures the right solution can be provided for almost any possible scenario. Other important considerations include the durability of the products and their protection ratings, right through to IP 68/69 K. In addition, the program includes 2-way distributors for I/O modules and T-distributors for the bus connection and power supply of the ProfiBus, DeviceNet and InterBus fieldbus systems. This means that an effective and complete single-source cabling solution can be developed and provided for every individual scenario.