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Previous Newsletters

  • September 2019New Full Gigabit Ethernet OCTOPUS Switches | SPIDER III Standard Line PoE | Product Change Notification M12 Single-Ended Cordsets
  • August 2019Single Pair Ethernet | GarrettCom Magnum 6K8... EOL Notification
  • July 2019The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) | SPE | Cables & extreme temperatures
  • June 2019Prepare for the rush-hour with TSN | ICS is Essential to Assure Availability, Safety and Resilience
  • May 2019The new MSM60 module joins Hirschmann’s MSP40 family to offer you 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports
  • April 2019MPLS-TP: MPLS Geared Towards You | Drive the Future of Automation
  • March 2019The importance of keeping your network safe and secure
  • February 2019Advanced Security for Industrial Networks | Maximize Network Performance & Lower Lifecycle Costs with Hirschmann’s SPIDER III PoE Standard Line switches
  • January 2019Increase Onboard WiFi Efficiency and Reliability | Converge IT and OT | Updated SPIDER III Switch Family Brochure | HiOS Upgrade
  • December 2018Meet Evolving Network Demands with Hirschmann’s OCTOPUS OS24/34 Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches | Secure and High Bandwidth Data Transfer with the New DRAGON MACH4500 Backbone Switches
  • November 2018SPS IPC Drives 2018 | Creating a More Robust Security Infrastructure | Hirschmann Product Manuals at a Glance
  • October 2018BOBCAT Switch Makes Next Generation Migration Easy | Passive I/O Sealing Cap Design Change | Rail Reliability with Hirschmann

Industrial Newsletter

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