Belden Q4 2022 - Product Announcements

Fourth-quarter releases include edge orchestration platform Belden Horizon™ and Hirschmann GDME Heavy-Duty Valve Connectors.

Data Orchestration & Management

Data orchestration is the process of bringing people, devices and functionalities together, removing silos to combine, organize and make this data available across a network to the people and devices that need it. Data management involves the administration and structure of your devices and data.

Belden Horizon™ is a managed software platform that streamlines secure access to remote equipment, supporting safe and simple deployment, connection, and management of OT devices and applications. The platform supports edge orchestration, Secure Remote Access technology, and always-on, carrier-agnostic connectivity via a Persistent Data Network that allows remote automation devices to connect with each other.

Hirschmann GREYHOUND 105/106 Switch hardware releases include the addition of MACsec technology to enable enhanced network security through Layer 2 encryption and authentication, as well as support for HiOS Layer 3 Advanced software with unicast routing (L3A-UR).

Data Acquisition & Transmission

Belden offers products like wire, cable, connectors and other technology that can be used to connect to a device to a network to acquire a signal and move data (and possibly power) from Point A to Point B to improve efficiency, communication and collaboration.

Belden Dry Core I/O and OSP Category Cables extend indoor Category 6 and 6A networks outdoors, simplifying deployment with a clean, gel-free design that delivers superior electrical performance.

Hirschmann GDME Heavy-Duty Valve Connectors are designed and built to perform in the harshest environments, meeting UL’s rigorous industrial standards for flame resistance and vibration tolerance, as well as DNV’s performance standards for marine applications.

Lumberg Automation M8 D-Coded Data Connectors are designed to meet growing needs for miniaturized components that support cyber-physical integration in the Industrial Internet of Things. The data connectors are compact, easy to install, and ruggedized for harsh environments.

Lumberg Automation M12 Power Splitters offer an affordable way to distribute power through an M12 circular power connection. These power splitters are part of the M12 Power Series, which withstands harsh conditions and demanding applications with an operating temperature of up to 125 degrees Celsius.