Uplinks with bypass relays - secure backbone connections for onboard terminal equipment

Belden presents the OCTOPUS Train-BP, a new managed IP67 switch, from its Hirschmann brand



Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has launched in the EMEA region the OCTOPUS Train-BP, a new managed IP67 switch in its Hirschmann product range. This switch, which is available with 8, 16 or 24 Fast Ethernet ports (10/100 BASE TX), has been especially developed for use in trains. It fulfills all the specific EMC and fire prevention requirements for rail vehicles and also has numerous redundancy mechanisms plus two uplink ports with bypass relays. This means that connections between neighboring switches are maintained even when an OCTOPUS fails.


Belden presents the OCTOPUS Train-BP, a new managed IP67 switch, from its Hirschmann brand. (Photo: Belden, PR258)

The OCTOPUS Train-BP can also be used in Ethernet Consist networks, which will in future facilitate secure and standards-compliant onboard Ethernet communications for trains. In addition, it can be seamlessly integrated into Profinet and Ethernet / IP environments and support extensive management and security procedures as well as a variety of configuration and diagnostic functions. Other features include vibration-proof M12 connection technology, a redundant power supply, and an operating temperature range of 40°C to +70°C.

OCTOPUS Train-BP switches come in compact metal housings for wall mounting, measuring 184 x 189 x 70mm, 261 x 189 x 70mm, or 338 x 189 x 70mm, depending on the model. Configuration can be carried out via an Ethernet interface using command line interface (CLI), DHCP relay agent option 82, HiDiscovery or RS232 interface, or via the ACA21 autoconfiguration adapter. RMON, port mirroring and LLDP (Topology Discovery 802.1ab) are available for diagnostic purposes. Alarms are signaled via an additional signal contact.

On the front of the unit there are LEDs showing the device and network status and the correct power supply. More detailed information can be accessed via a standard web browser or convenient network management software such as Hirschmann’s Industrial HiVision. SNMP v2c and v3 are also supported. Security mechanisms include IP and MAC port security, SNMP v3, SSH, SNMP access settings (VLAN/IP) and access control via IEEE 802.1x.

"The OCTOPUS Train-BP offers maximum future-proof onboard data communication for trains,” says Product Manager Rolf-Dieter Sommer. “Its two uplink ports with bypass relays enable it to fulfill future requirements for fault-tolerant switches for Ethernet Consist networks as envisaged by the IEC 61375 3 4 draft standard. This will guarantee secure backbone connections for terminal equipment, even if multiple network elements should fail.”

Hirschmann, a Belden Brand, manufactures Ethernet switches, wireless access points, firewall/VPN routers and network management software for harsh industrial environments. The Hirschmann brand stands for experience and expertise in the automation, power transmission and distribution, transportation and energy industries, having pioneered the development of Ethernet as a common standard for industrial control systems. Hirschmann products ensure hassle-free and secure data communication under the harshest conditions due to their ruggedized design and construction. For more information about Hirschmann, please visit www.hirschmann.com or e-mail for product inquiries.

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The OCTOPUS Train-BP managed switch enables implementation of Ethernet Consist Networks, which offer optimum reliability for data communication in trains.

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