New ESD series for the prevention of electrostatic discharge

Miniature actuator/sensor distributors from Lumberg Automation


Electrostatic discharge during the production of elec-tronic devices can destroy electronic components and can cause considerable damage.

ESD series distribution boxes are made of a special conductive plastic. Electrostatic charge that is gener-ated is conducted to the machine bed or to earth. It guarantees that ESD critical components are protected against being destroyed by electrostatic charges which can build up in the distributors installed in the system.

M8 actuator/sensor distribution boxes combine compact construction with easy handling to help optimize wiring – even in close quarters. The staggered layout of M8 slots makes it possible to install both molded and field-attachable connectors quickly and easily.

The wiring of the distribution boxes is accomplished using the proven M8 connection for the sensor connection and M12 connectors for the supply line connection. They provide connection opportunities for four or eight signals, respectively.

Interface boxes have an IP 67 protection rating and are vibration proof, making it possible to install them close to inputs/outputs and simplify wiring.

Distribution boxes are designed for both rear and lateral installation, giving modules the necessary flexibly to adapt to your system's environment.


An indispensable component of integrated ESD protec-tion measures