LioN-Link Motion Drive Control

Lumberg Automation presents a new I/O module for direct-current drives


Direct-current actuators are increasingly being utilized in many areas of automation technology for a wide variety of tasks. The advantages are obvious: small, compact, energy-efficient drives with a high degree of performance efficiency. These actuators are also often a good alternative to other solutions from the point of view of economics. However, integration into a uniform bus concept is often difficult. The components needed for this purpose are not available in their entirety.

This gap has now been filled by a new module from the LioN-Link family, namely the modular, decentralised IP 67 field bus system from Lumberg Automation: Lion-Link Motion. This system makes it possible to set up the connection between actuators and the various bus systems. The "Drive Control" module with universal I/O functionality was developed in collaboration with ebm-pabst.

The new module is equipped with four outlets that can be configured for brushless (EC) motors as well as for brush-loaded (DC) motors and all types of digital actuators. Some of the special features of the Lion-Link Motion module include dynamic rpm control, parameterisable start/stop ramps for EC motors and an integrated brake resistance for DC motors.

These parameters can also be modified at any time during operation when a suitable control system is util-ized. The demand for increased dynamics and maxi-mum possible flexibility has been met as a result. Fur-thermore, the module also provides eight digital inputs. The wiring complexity is thus minimized for the sensor system allocated.

The good diagnostics capability that is a feature of the entire LioN-Link system is of course included with the Drive Control distribution box. As a result, motor and sensor faults can be diagnosed according to channel, both visually and also in the form of software messages. And of course we have also satisfied stringent requirements with respect to type of protective system, resistance to vibrations and shocks, as is the case with the entire LioN-Link system.


LioN-Link Motion I/O module


LioN-Link Motion module in connection with power supply


The LioN-Link system consists of bus coupler modules which provide the connection between the entire fieldbus system and the fieldbus independent I/O modules.