Lumberg Automation integrates I/O Link interface into LioN-Link system

LioN-Link supports I/O-Link


From the user point of view, the wiring of analogue sig-nals in machinery and systems has always been a problematic subject, due to the use of shielded connection lines: even though the workability of the various components such as cables and connectors has improved considerably in recent years, the assembling of a shielded cable still remains quite an elaborate procedure.

Thanks to the integration of an I/O-Link interface into the LioN-Link system in conjunction with I/O link-capable sensors, the user can now utilize such standard wiring components as unshielded M12 connection cables to set up the connection.

The LioN-Link system consists of bus coupler modules which provide the connection between the entire fieldbus system and the fieldbus independent I/O modules. Based on a BusHead, the I/O module is distributed decentrally to the field via two lines. A total of 15 devices per branch can be connected to the system for a total extension of 100 m per branch.

The wiring of the LioN-Link modules uses simple stan-dard wiring components such as actuator/sensor cord-sets, single or double ended, for the I/O’s and for the power supply or CAN/DeviceNet Thin Cables for the Link connection. This means that no manufacturer-specific wiring components are required. Because of that, the system offers a costoptimized and cost-transparent wiring solution which is installed in the Plug-and-Play procedure and put into operation. No terminator is necessary for the connection of the last LioN-Link module in a line.