Universal real-time I/O functionality for ProfiNet

Belden presents new LioN-M modules from its Lumberg Automation™ product range



The new I/O modules from the LioN-M series of Belden’s Lumberg Automation™ portfolio enable sensors and actuators to be linked into real-time ProfiNet I/O networks, with their two-port switches (10/100 Mbps) that support both the real time (RT) and isochronous real time (IRT) standards. BOOTP (bootstrap protocol) and DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) ensure fast and easy startup.

Each of the 16 digital channels has a rated output current of up to 1.6A, with a maximum total current capacity of 9A. In the 0980 ESL 711 (16DI) module these channels can be used as inputs, and in the universal version 0980 ESL 700 (16DIO Universal) they can also be used as outputs in any combination. The easy diagnostic concept enables precise fault location for each individual port. Both modules facilitate line topologies and you can also continue to use existing communications structures such as cable ducts and energy chains without making any changes to their physical layout. This means that there is usually no need to install cost-intensive star cabling and additional switches. The universal module also offers the highest possible degree of flexibility, not only at the planning stage but also when making changes at the commissioning stage or during subsequent upgrades.


Belden presents new LioN-M modules from its Lumberg Automation™ product range. (Photo: Belden, PR232)

Both network ports are equipped with four-pole M12 connectors with D coding, and the eight I/O slots, each of which can be assigned to two digital I/O signals, have five-pole M12 connectors with A coding. The network ports are color-coded to prevent any possible confusion. The IP address is set up via web server, BOOTP or DHCP. The slots on the universal module can be used as inputs and outputs in any combination without needing to be individually parameterized. Both modules are configured directly via the user interface of the control unit. You can download the necessary GSDML files from www.lumberg-automation.com.

The I/O modules have a robust housing made of PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) and measuring 243 x 60 x 23 mm (length x width x height); including the slots for the power supply, the height is 39.5 mm. Both versions meet the requirements for industrial protection class IP67 and are designed for temperatures ranging from 10° to +60°C. The power supply, which is connected via two five-pole 7/8" connectors, has a rated voltage of 24V and a range of 11V to 30V.

With the new I/O modules from the Lumberg Automation™ LioN-M series, Belden is now also offering an innovative connectivity solution for ProfiNet I/O. As Product Manager Mehmet Akcit says, “These modules, which were especially designed for machines and systems with high signal density and stringent real-time requirements, allow easy cabling, individual I/O configuration and precise diagnostics. This means that maintenance and downtime can be reduced, thus increasing the productivity of your machines and systems.”

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