Belden introduces a new modular industrial patch panel

MIPP™ is the first modular industrial patch panel in the market able to combine copper and fiber management in one solution offering significant space and cost savings.



Belden has introduced the new MIPP™, a termination panel for cables that need to be connected to active equipment such as switches, Industrial Ethernet devices and any other device with an Ethernet link, offering greater system reliability and ease of installation. The MIPP™ provides the ideal connection between Belden® cables and Hirschmann™ switches and is designed to have the same look and feel as the Hirschmann™ range of products.

Using patchcords to connect to active equipment, cables can be terminated outside the cabinet in an organised and structured manner to ensure the highest level of reliability. Installation is quick and easy, saving time and significantly reducing initial set-up costs, whilst at the same time contributing to greater reliability and easier and more efficient system management, requiring less maintenance. With a lightweight aluminium structure which increases its overall versatility, the MIPP™, can easily be mounted on a DIN Rail, or it can even be fixed at the sides of the cabinets simply using a wall mount plate. Thanks to its small housing, high port density and modularity, cabinet space is kept to a minimum.

The MIPP™ was designed for industrial use, where its functionality and reliability can make a significant contribution to the uptime and availability of systems. It is ideal for use in a wide range of industrial applications requiring maximum system reliability and flexibility. The industrial design makes it highly suited for use in
Machine Building, Transportation, Alternative Power Generation, Power Transportation & Distribution, and Oil & Gas markets, as well as more general use in enterprise, buildings and other applications.

Thanks to their unique modular design and their compact dimensions, up to 6 individual modules can be combined in any permutation to create a large single patch panel, to which, for the first time ever, both fiber and copper cables can be connected at the same time. When required, each module can be easily removed or replaced for maximum system flexibility. The MIPP™ is available as both single and double modules:

Single Modules
* 6 x SC duplex adapters (up to 12 fiber connections)
­* 6 x LC duplex adapters (up to 12 fiber connections)
­* 4 x RJ45 keystone jacks

Double Modules
* 12 x SC duplex adapters (up to 24 fiber connections)
­* 12 x LC duplex adapters (up to 24 fiber connections)

Theo van Rijn, Product Manager, says: “The new MIPP™ is a completely new solution combining copper and fiber, an industry first. Installation is quick and easy, saving time and significantly reducing initial set-up costs. At the same time its functionality and reliability contribute to greater reliability and easier and more efficient system management, requiring less maintenance.”


Belden introduces a new modular industrial patch panel. (Photos: Belden, PR225)

About Belden

Belden designs, manufactures and markets signal transmission solutions, including cables, connectors and I/O modules, wireless network systems as well as network devices and control, load sensing and load moment limitation systems designed for safety-critical applications ranging from industrial automation to data centers, broadcast studios and the aviation and aerospace industry. The company focuses on segments of the worldwide cable and automation markets that require both highly specialized and readily available products. With manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, Belden has recorded a total revenue of USD 1.62 billion for the fiscal year 2010.

Together with its brands Hirschmann™ and Lumberg Automation™, Belden offers an extensive and highly specialized product portfolio covering the full range of data communications – from the information and control levels down to the field level. The company has more than 15 offices throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with manufacturing facilities in Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Italy and Hungary.

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