A range of solutions for connecting terminals equipped with a serial interface to Ethernet networks

Belden enhances its Hirschmann™ product range with IOLAN DS series converters from Perle Systems



Belden has extended its Hirschmann™ product range to include four IOLAN DS series converters from Perle Systems, which allow terminals equipped with a serial interface to be connected to Ethernet networks. All of the models have software-selectable RS 232/422/485 interfaces as well as an Ethernet port – or two Ethernet ports in the case of the rack variant.

In addition, they support various protocols for serial data transmission, including Modbus TCP Gateway, Raw Serial Data over UTP, IPv4 and IPv6. The Perle Device Manager makes configuring the devices easy. The housings are made of metal, and have fanless cooling. What is more, all models meet safety (IEC 60950-1) and EMC standards (EN 61000). As the four converters have a different number of serial interfaces as well as different bandwidths, security functions, protection standards, temperature ranges, and special approvals, it is easy for customers to find the ideal solution for their application – whether it is in a factory, in process and building automation or in the energy sector.


A range of different solutions for connecting devices with a serial interface to Ethernet networks. (Photo: Belden, PR179)

The compact IOLAN DS1 T, which is designed to meet the requirements of protection standard IP40, is equipped with a serial DB9M interface as well as a Fast Ethernet port with RJ45 connection. Its temperature range is from -40° to +70°C. Power supply is via a terminal block, and can range from 9 to 30 VDC. Thanks to its compact dimensions – 91 x 89 x 24 mm (height x width x depth) – the converter can be mounted directly on a wall or on a top-hat rail using an (optional) adapter.

The IOLAN SDS4 HL, which is approved for use in Ex Zone 2, additionally features an extensive range of security functions such as RADIUS authentication, SNMPv3, and IPSec VPN Gateway. This converter, which measures 113 x 81 x 28 mm (height x width x depth), also has four serial interfaces for RJ45 ports. The PCBs have a special conformal coating to protect them against condensation. The IOLAN SDS3 M has three serial RJ45 interfaces, and is equipped with a V.92/V.90 modem that enables it to be connected to wide area networks. Its temperature range is from 0° to +55°C, and it measures 91 x 89 x 24 mm (height x width x depth).

The IOLAN SDS16C HV is especially suited to extreme operating conditions, e.g. the kind of conditions that are found in transformer stations in the electricity industry. Designed for use in switch cabinets (19" housing with one HU), this IP30 converter offers 16 serial RJ45 interfaces and two RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Other features include high vibration resistance, extensive resilience to magnetic fields and electrostatic discharges (IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613) as well as an HV power supply unit (88-300 VDC/85-265 VAC). What is more, the converter complies with the NERC CIP security standard.

Through the addition of these four IOLAN DS series converters, the Hirschmann™ product range now offers a wide variety of solutions for connecting terminals with serial interfaces to Ethernet networks. Product Manager Pascal Unterdorfer comments: "The partnership with Perle Systems is successful because of their many years of experience in this field, and our industry-specific network know-how. In addition, we do not limit ourselves to merely marketing the products, but offer our customers end-to-end support."

Perle Systems: leaders in serial-to-Ethernet, Ethernet-to-fiber, and I/O connectivity.

Perle Systems is a leading provider of reliable, competitively priced solutions for serial and I/O connectivity that boast a wide range of features. Companies from around the world place their trust in Perle Systems' connectivity technology in mission-critical situations. Perle's product portfolio comprises terminal servers, console servers, device servers, Ethernet I/O device servers, serial cards, and fiber media converters – ideal products for companies wanting to connect networks at different locations, safeguard the transmission of business-critical or sensitive information, or carry out remote monitoring and management of network devices and applications.

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  • Serial to Ethernet convertersWith the IOLAN DS-Series, end devices with a serial interface can be easily and reliably connected to Ethernet networks. They provide ideal solutions for factory, process and building automation and for the energy sector.

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  • Serial to Ethernet convertersWith the IOLAN DS-Series, end devices with a serial interface can be easily and reliably connected to Ethernet networks. They provide ideal solutions for factory, process and building automation and for the energy sector.