Flexible network connection for intelligent automation devices

Belden introduces new embedded Ethernet module in its Hirschmann™ product range



Belden has added a new embedded Ethernet module (EEM) to its Hirschmann™ product range. The new module – which is available as a Profinet I/O device, EtherNet/IP adapter device or EtherCAT slave controller – grants Ethernet access to intelligent automation devices, or enables them to be integrated in network management systems.

All models of the EEM are equipped with a switch for two external Fast Ethernet ports, and one internal port to the host CPU. The latter, which has a 50-pole plug connector, can be used to connect the host CPU of the automation device to the CPU of the EEM. Since data communication is via a field-programmable gate array (FPGA), the functionality of the EEM can be adapted to meet customer requirements or technological change without the need to alter the hardware. This makes the new module a practical and versatile option for connecting intelligent automation devices such as motor starters, frequency converters, or sensors to Ethernet networks.


Flexible network connection for intelligent automation devices. (Photo: Belden, PR178)

The EEM, which is designed for temperatures ranging from -40° to +85°C, has an 8MB RAM and a 4MB flash memory. Network-specific settings can be made – using either the relevant automation protocol or standard SNMP – via the external Ethernet ports or from the host CPU via the internal system port. Two priority queues are available to prioritize data communication.

Up to 512 static or dynamic entries can be stored in the address table, and the latter can be optimally adapted to the respective network requirements using adjustable aging. Port statistics gathered via remote monitoring ensure both detailed surveillance and effective network maintenance.

A development kit is available to make it easy to integrate the EEM in intelligent automation devices. Broad pin headers enable easy access to all the signals of the system port. The input signals can be simulated via eight push buttons, while LEDs show the status of the output signals. Together with a host CPU, the development kit forms an independent system for simulating the respective automation devices.

Belden's new embedded Ethernet module now makes the tried-and-tested Hirschmann™ network know-how available in intelligent automation devices too. As Product Manager Rolf-Dieter Sommer says: "By enabling manufacturers to make their devices Ethernet-capable at very little cost, Belden allows them to concentrate fully on their core business."

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