Quick-connection technology enables use of M12 cord sets

Belden presents new Profibus-DP connectors from its range of Lumberg Automation™ products



Belden has extended its range of Lumberg Automation™ products to include new Profibus DP connectors. These connectors each have a D-Sub and M12 interface, and are offered with 35°, 90° or 180° cable outlets. All versions support data rates of up to 12 Mbit/s and feature a compact die-cast zinc housing with test socket and activatable terminating resistor. They also boast quick-connection technology that enables Profibus DP devices to be connected with M12 Profibus cord sets simply and securely without the use of tools. The advantage of this, for example, is reduced downtimes of machinery and equipment when faults occur, which increases production efficiency.

The connectors meet the requirements for degree of protection IP30 and are suitable for use in temperature ranges from -20° to +70° C. The following housing dimensions (height x width x depth) are available: 59 x 45 x 16.8 mm for 35° cable outlets, 68 x 42 x 16.8 mm for 90° cable outlets, and 84.8 x 35.6 x 16.8 mm for 180° cable outlets. A special shielding geometry and the die-cast zinc housing ensure error- and loss-free data transmission.


Quick-connection technology enables use of M12 cord sets (Photo: Belden, PR176)

The 9-pole D-Sub interfaces of the male and female connectors can be used to connect, for instance, high-level control systems, decentralized I/O stations, programming units or diagnostic devices. The B-coded M12 interfaces serve as a Profibus input or output. What is more, the signals can be daisy-chained via the output.

The terminating resistor of the connectors can be activated via a slide switch, with the respective status being indicated both through the position of the switch and through green and red color coding on the housing. In addition, an external Profibus terminating resistor can be attached to the Profibus out port.

The new Profibus DP connectors from Belden’s Lumberg Automation™ product range not only enable fast and secure data transmission, but also tool-free installation. “This is why it is possible to use M12 Profibus cord sets, for example from Lumberg Automation™,” explains Product Manager Robert Strehmann and adds: “The shielding therefore no longer has to be attached manually, something that often leads to errors.”

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