Belden announces a 10% price increase for its wire & cable products in EMEA

Belden invests in strategic expansion of products, processes and
value-added services.


BLDPR150 - 31/03/2010

Belden has announced that the company is to increase the prices of all its wire and cable products in the EMEA region by 10%. According to Roel Vestjens, General Manager of Belden Wire & Cable Systems EMEA, the increase, which will be effective as of 12 April 2010, is to offset escalating costs, particularly raw materials and energy.

Strategic repositioning

Mr. Vestjens adds: “Even though costs have gone up significantly in the last 18 months, we have not passed on all of these costs to our customers. Actually, in addition to absorbing these rising costs, we have made a number of significant investments to ensure that Belden products and services will continue to deliver added value for our customers.”

As part of a planned strategic repositioning, Belden has significantly expanded its ranges of Industrial Ethernet cables, Commercial A/V cabling products and is about to launch its first fully shielded structured cabling solution for the EMEA region. In the second quarter, Belden will launch an exciting new range of fiber optic connectors, enabling fast, fool-proof and easy termination of a fiber, enabling terminations being made within five (5) seconds, without termination tools being required.

The company focuses on bringing advanced signal transmission solutions to key vertical markets, including enterprise and data centers, building management, broadcast, security and the industrial segment, such as oil and gas and alternative energy. To do so effectively, Belden has invested over the past 18 months in machinery, quality systems and industry-specific certifications. In addition, the company continues to invest in the implementation of the Lean principles.

Mr. Vestjens concludes: “Belden will continue to offer competitively priced high performance products, backed by value-added solutions. We will increasingly become more attractive as the partner of choice for our customers' signaling transmission needs in the industries we serve. We continue to ensure that our customers’ communications infrastructure issues are resolved and that they benefit from the best signal transmission performance for their investment. With this 10% price increase, our products remain correctly positioned relative to the escalating costs and continue to reflect our high quality and performance standards."

Roel Vestjens

Roel Vestjens, General Manager of Belden Wire & Cable Systems EMEA (Photo Belden, BLDPR150)

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