New Hirschmann™ BAT controllers

Belden introduces new Hirschmann™ BAT controllers for centralized management and monitoring of large-scale WLAN networks.


At the Hanover Fair 2010 Belden introduced the three new BAT controllers WLC25, WLC50 and WLC100 from its Hirschmann™ product range to ensure fast data communications and optimum network availability. These controllers are designed for use in switch cabinets and can be used to centrally configure and manage 25, 50 or 100 WLAN access points respectively. As these controllers are fully compatible to all Hirschmann™ access points in the BAT series, your existing BAT equipment does not need to be replaced.

These controllers possess four freely configurable Gigabit Ethernet ports plus one USB 2.0 and one serial interface and communicate with the access points via a CAPWAP tunnel. They also support all standard Ethernet LAN and WAN protocols. When the WLAN network is set up the controller automatically finds all the available access points, checks their firmware and configures the equipment appropriately for the installed application. During normal operation the controller provides the administrator with all the necessary network information. In the event that an access point fails, the controller immediately recognizes which device should replace it and automatically integrates it into the network. With their integrated firewall and VPN Gateway function, these controllers can also be used as a security instance between LAN and WLAN or to link a number of wireless networks over large distances.


At the Hanover Fair Belden introduced new Hirschmann™
BAT controllers. (Photo Belden, BLD-HM PR147)

New Hirschmann™ BAT controllers also feature extensive management and security functions, IP routing, fast roaming, support for IEEE 802.11n transmission standards, automatic frequency management and a variety of redundancy and backup mechanisms, ensuring fast data communications and high network availability.

With its Hirschmann™ BAT controllers Belden is marketing an entirely new class of equipment that facilitates comprehensive WLAN coverage for the industrial markets. Product Manager Olaf Schilperoort comments: "WLAN controllers are disproportionately expensive for small-scale wireless networks, which still need independent industrial standard access points. But where 25 or more access points are used, the investment will always pay off; because it enables the administrator to manage and monitor the network from a centralized location."

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