New Components for the Scalable Mobile Control System from Hirschmann™

Operator Consoles for Mobile Applications in Harsh Environments


The modular concept of the iSCOUT operator consoles from Hirschmann™ Automation and Control provides customized solutions at an optimized price/performance ratio. Specially designed for the Scalable Mobile Control System from Hirschmann™, the consoles meet the requirements of both EN ISO 13849-1 and the new European Machinery Directive. They will be available in three versions: A Monitor-Console for cost-effective solutions, with the graphical CPU integrated in the control system; a Stand-alone version with integrated graphical CPU and standard PLC communication link; and a Console with integrated PLC control as compact solution for small applications. All three new models support Ethernet and various CAN protocols. The versatility of the components and their rugged design lend the Scalable Mobile Control System – which also comprises controllers of the iFLEX series – a perfect application fit in cranes and other mobile machines.

The operator consoles have been designed for a temperature range of -30 to +70 °C. An IP67 housing is available for use under extreme environmental conditions, exhibiting particularly high resistance to shock and jarring.

With Ethernet and various CAN interfaces as well as a USB port, the devices provide all the required communications protocols. Optional video inputs are also available. Interfaces for radio communication, Bluetooth, GPS/GSM, Wireless LAN and RFID are in preparation. The consoles have a 4.3" (430x272 pixels) or 7" (800x480 pixels) color display and can be mounted in horizontal or vertical orientation. Their ergonomic design and appropriate positioning of the control elements and LEDs facilitate the operation by means of touch screen, software and hardware function keys or rotary pulse encoders in any installed position.

The application software of the control panels can be programmed using either special projecting tools or CoDeSys (IEC 61131-3). In addition, program libraries for control and safety functions tailored to individual customer needs are also available. Upon request, Hirschmann™ will also accommodate the entire system integration, including the design and compilation of the appropriate application software.

The product family of the new iSCOUT consoles as part of the Scalable Mobile Control System has originated from a strategic partnership with Wachendorff Elektronik company, and will be further expanded.


Operator Consoles for Mobile Applications in Harsh Environments (Photo: Belden, BLD-ECS PR139)

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