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Wolfgang Schenk, General Manager of Belden’s Industrial Ethernet Business Unit, has introduced the company’s Go-to-Market strategy for its well established Hirschmann™ brand, in particular switches, hubs and routers.

Mr. Schenk, who has global responsibility for Hirschmann™ Industrial Ethernet products, says: “Belden is a strong and stable company with a long tradition of excellence. Following the 2007 acquisition of the Hirschmann™ business – and that of Lumberg Automation™ – the company is fully committed to supporting its key brands, including the Hirschmann™ brand and its extensive product portfolio.”

In the past year, Belden has been going through a process of redefining its market approach. It is doing so by strengthening its distribution channel, by focusing on a number of key vertical markets, by introducing new products and standards and by delivering complete industrial solutions.

Focus on our markets

Wolfgang Schenk: “Together with our Channel partners we will focus on a number of key markets. Number one on our list is the Power market: generation, transmission and distribution as well as on alternative energies, especially wind.
Power is a fast growing market – especially in China and India - and our key world-wide objective is the global acceptance of Standard IEC61850, which is an Ethernet based standard.”

“Today, power generation is a key vertical market, and we do have the right products. Thanks to our proven track record with key customers, we have the ability to be instrumental in ensuring that this technology will be used all over the world.”

“For instance, we see in future a huge potential for Ethernet Solutions in Solar Parks. By fitting every solar panel with switching technology, cells will be able to align themselves individually with the sun throughout the day, thus capturing maximum energy.”

“Another key vertical market in which we have an excellent fit is Transportation: from rolling stock to tracks and infrastructure, even tunnels and motorways. In this market, Belden currently has an excellent market share in the EMEA region, but we believe that there are still many opportunities for growth, especially by offering solutions that combine the products and know-how from our leading brands: Belden, Hirschmann™ and Lumberg Automation™.”

“And finally you will see us continue to build on our presence in the Oil & Gas market. Developments here will be mostly driven by the Americas, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.”

Product innovation

When it comes to product innovation, Belden is the undisputed number one in the world. Wolfgang Schenk: “A recent independent market study clearly shows that we currently have a significant market share in ruggedized switches alone. Belden’s acquisition of Trapeze Networks has given us access to wireless technology and this is helping us to develop our portfolio in Industrial Ethernet WLAN. Another innovation, for which we have launched our first products earlier this year, is industrial security/firewall. This is a growing market, especially for remote access and machine maintenance, where we are able to combine our security know-how and our proven industrial technology.”

As industry looks for faster real-time information, a variety of protocols is currently in use in the market, which means that it is not easy to buy ready made solutions. From mid 2010, Belden will be offering Embedded Ethernet solutions. By embedding Ethernet onto a device, it has the capability to communicate via Ethernet without using a computer.

Wolfgang Schenk: “Our extensive R&D facilities are introducing new products and new ways to deliver improved performance to our customers. As the use and complexity of connectivity solutions increases, all applications require highly sophisticated installation, as well as complex operations and processes. Our Belden Competence Center offers access to unrivalled experience and technical support. Our staff has extensive hands-on experience in designing, installing and using solutions created with our range of products. Able to provide technical support in local languages throughout Europe, we have become a broad-based supplier and one of the few players in the world who can offer a complete connectivity portfolio: connectors, distributed IOs and cables – in fact all the products offered by the Hirschmann™, Lumberg Automation™ and Belden brands – all backed by many years of experience and manufacturing excellence.”

A strong portfolio

“Our portfolio of highly reliable solutions will help customers by giving them higher availability for their mission critical application, whilst at the same time enabling them to reduce total cost of ownership and maintenance costs. We are now working to develop Smart networks: easy to install self-configuring networks in copper, fiber or wireless.”

“The Hirschmann™ brand now has the benefit of being a significant part of a larger global business. This gives our customers access to very advanced support facilities, helping to develop new application and launching customized products in the shortest possible time.
So if you put it all together, our biggest strength is that today we are able to offer total connectivity solutions. Our portfolio includes the full range of Hirschmann™ switches and connectors, Lumberg Automation™ connectors and I/O modules and Belden cables, all supported by a strong and experienced team of experts.”


Wolfgang Schenk, General Manager of Belden’s Industrial Ethernet Business Unit, has introduced the company’s Go-to-Market strategy for its well established Hirschmann™ brand, in particular switches, hubs and routers. (Photo: Belden, PR131)

Wolfgang Schenk

Wolfgang Schenk is the General Manager of Belden’s industrial networking business and the Hirschmann™ brand product range. Mr. Schenk, who holds a degree in Engineering, joined Hirschmann™ more than 23 years ago. He held a number of posts in Service, Sales and Marketing. In 1999, he helped found IAONA, an independent platform organization for industrial Ethernet, and he served as its first Chairman.

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