Belden Copper Cabling Solutions for Industrial Ethernet

Belden introduces new comprehensive range of copper cabling solutions for Industrial Ethernet connectivity.


Belden, a world leader in the development of signal transmission products for enterprise, industrial, building management, broadcast and security applications, has introduced a new and comprehensive range of copper cabling to support Industrial Ethernet and associated communication networks, including EtherNet/IP™ and Profinet. The new range offers more choice to suit specific application and cost requirements.

The new Industrial Data Solutions range was specifically designed for use in industrial environments and complements Belden’s existing Industrial Data Solutions copper Fieldbus cable offering for industrial environments. Building upon its Fieldbus cable solutions with proven reliability, the Belden portfolio now offers customers a single source for all their industrial network connectivity needs, i.e. switches, connectors and cable, with a wide choice of products with the highest level of reliability, quality and performance in the industrial automation and data processing environment.

Belden Industrial Ethernet copper cabling solutions deliver the highest level of quality, consistency and performance possible in the industrial environment to ensure maximum uptime and productivity.

Supporting Key Industrial Ethernet Standards

Belden offers a choice of two ranges according to Ethernet Protocol. Profinet cabling, a range of copper cabling conforming to the standard managed by PI International; and standard copper cabling to support other Industrial Ethernet standards.

Profinet Cabling

A range of copper cabling conforming to PROFINET, the industrial ethernet standard managed by PI International (compliant with Profinet PN-Cabling Guide 2252 V200 May 2007) and suitable for use in the industrial environment, cabling is SF/UTP and Cat 5e performance.

Key features include:

  • Universal conductor AWG 22
  • Cat 5e transmission performance
  • Star quad conductor design
  • Overall braided shield (greater than 85 % coverage)
  • SF/UTP (Overall Foil Braided Shield / Unshielded Twisted Pair)
  • Green RAL 6018 cable jacket
  • Three main designation types (Type A / Type B / Type C)


Belden offers a new, comprehensive range of copper cabling, engineered for high performance flawless reliability and long life in the most demanding industrial environments.(Photo: Belden, BLDPR120)

Standard Industrial Ethernet Cabling

A range of copper cabling to support industrial ethernet and associated networks such as EtherNet/IP™. Suitable for use in the industrial environment, cabling is SF/UTP for Cat 5e and S/FTP for Cat 7 performance.

Key features include:

  • Conductor sizes AWG 23 / 24 / 26
  • Solid and stranded conductors for different application types
  • Cat 5e and Cat 7 transmission performance
  • Four-pair and two-pair conductor design
  • Overall braided shield (greater than 80 % coverage for Cat 5e)
  • Overall braided shield (greater than 65 % coverage for Cat 7)
  • SF/UTP (Overall Foil Braided Shield / Unshielded Twisted Pair) for Cat5e
  • S/FTP (Overall Shielded / Foil Shielded Twisted Pair) for Cat 7
  • Black cable jacket
  • Three main designation types (Permanent / Flexible / Trailing -Torsion)

Comprehensive portfolio

The new comprehensive portfolio is manufactured in Europe and offers over 30 different cable designs, both in 4-pair and 2-pair cables. In addition to its broad scope, the new portfolio offers other key advantages. Cables and cord sets can be designed to customer specifications. Also available is a choice of robust jacket grades for bulk cabling to meet the different requirements of general, harsh and extreme conditions. Armored and application-specific cable jackets are available upon request, including non-cross-linked, weld splatter-resistant jackets.

Belden Industrial Ethernet cables can be used in conjunction with Hirschmann™ and Lumberg Automation™ switches and connectors to provide effective industrial automation solutions for a number of industries. Key amongst these are Automation & Processing; Oil & Gas; and Energy.

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