New Hirschmann™ BAT300 Access Point and Two WLAN Antennas

Belden Broadens its Product Portfolio with New Hirschmann™ BAT300 Access Point and Two WLAN Antennas – for Fast and Stable Wireless Connections in Harsh Industrial Environments.


Belden is the world’s first supplier to introduce an Industrial WLAN system supporting the recently adopted IEEE 802.11n transmission standard with data transfer rates comparable to those in wired Fast Ethernet networks. The WLAN access point, which is offered in an IP40 (BAT300-Rail) and an IP65/67 (BAT300-F) version, supports the new IEEE802.11n transmission standard adopted in September 2009, providing data transfer rates of up to 300 Mbit/s.

Integrated MIMO technology (Multiple Input Multiple Output) ensures a stable wireless connection even in the event of interferences such as reflections. The devices have a compact metal housing and can be used as access points or access clients at temperatures from -30°C to +50°C (BAT300-Rail) or +55°C
(BAT 300-F). In addition, they offer the capacity of a Layer 3 IP router. Further features include comprehensive management, security and quality-of-service functions, fast roaming and high resistance to shock and jarring.

The IEEE802.11n standard and MIMO technology are also supported by the two new IP65 WLAN antennas, designed for a temperature range of -40°C to +80°C. One of them, BAT-ANT-N-MiMoDB-5N-IP65, is an omni-directional antenna for use on the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands. The other, BAT-ANT-N-MiMo5-9N-IP65, is a 5 GHz sector antenna.

In combination with the Hirschmann™ BAT300 WLAN access point, these MIMO antennas permit the configuration of high-speed and stable infrastructural networks, wireless distribution systems (WDS) or point-to-point-connections even in harsh industrial environments. The BAT300-F version meets the requirements of EN standard 50155 for use on board of trains or along railways.

Both WLAN access point versions are equipped with a wireless module that operates on the 5 GHz band (BAT300-Rail) or alternatively on the 5 or 2.4 GHz band (BAT300-F). Fast roaming provides uninterrupted connections when changing from one wireless cell into another. The aerial ports have a type N (BAT300-F) or type R-SMA (BAT300-Rail) female connector. The LAN ports (10/100 Base-TX) are designed for M12 (BAT300-F) or RJ45 (BAT300-Rail) connectors. Both devices also feature a V.24 serial interface. For redundant power supply, the BAT300-F offers two 24VDC as well as one 48VDC input that supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) according to IEEE802.3af. The BAT300-Rail has two 24VDC as well as two 48VDC PoE and one 12VDC input. The integrated IP router can be used for establishing up to eight sub-networks assigned to the specific ports or interfaces of the access points. Moreover, the devices allow for connecting analog as well as DSL modems, e.g. for WAN routing or remote maintenance. They can be managed either by Web Interface, Telnet, TFTP, FTP or SNMP V2. Rapid Spanning Tree redundancy and VRRP result in high network availability. Quality-of-service functions in line with IEEE 802.11e facilitate, amongst other, the prioritization of voice or video streams.

The Hirschmann™ BAT300-F and the BAT300-Rail both support all encryption and authentication procedures according to IEEE standards 802.11i and 802.1x/EAP as well as WEP, WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES, and LEPS. In addition, they also provide WLAN port and protocol filters, and a firewall with intrusion detection. Rogue AP detection is available through background scanning and WLAN monitor.

Whereas the BAT300-Rail device is primarily designed for rail mounting in control cabinets, the BAT300-F version can be installed directly on-site in the field and also outdoors, such as on walls or on posts. Housing dimensions in width by height by depth are 80x100x135 mm (BAT300-Rail) and 261x189x55 mm (BAT 300-F).

The two new IP65 MIMO antennas, which are supplied each with three 90 cm long and preassembled cables with type N connectors as well as R-SMA adaptors, are specifically designed for the IEEE802.11n WLAN transmission standard. The omni-directional BAT-ANT-N-MiMoDB-5N-IP65 antenna can be installed on ceilings, cabinets or mobile equipment. It reaches a gain of 3.5 dBi on the 2.4 GHz and of 5.5 dBi on the 5 GHz band. The BAT-ANT-N-MiMo5-9N-IP65 sector antenna is capable of covering areas of up to 2.2 square kilometers as well as point-to-point connection distances of up to 2 kilometers. With a beam angle of 65 degrees, this 5 GHz antenna provides a gain of 9 dBi.

“The Hirschmann™ BAT 300 access point and the two MIMO antennas deliver an Industrial WLAN system able to support the recently adopted IEEE 802.11n transmission standard,” says Product Manager Olaf Schilperoort. “This facilitates data transfer rates like in wired Fast Ethernet networks. Moreover, the hardware meets the demanding requirements for use in even the harshest environments. And the software is capable of far more than just simple Layer 2 functionality.”

Access Point BAT300

Belden broadens its Hirschmann™ brand product portfolio with new BAT300 access point and two WLAN antennas. (Photo Belden, BLD-HM PR119)

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