High Bandwidth and Temperature Performance Delivers Increased Data Rate Capability On Board

Belden Launches New Railway Approved High Temperature RailTuff Cat 7 Ethernet Data Cable



Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has introduced the Belden RailTuff BE43802, a Cat 7 Ethernet data cable designed specifically for the passenger railway market in the EMEA region. The new RailTuff cable has a transmission performance of 10 Gbps, allowing the integration of multiple on board applications; effectively making cable installations future proof. In addition, the high temperature rating and low smoke, zero halogen construction along with the flexible 19-strand conductors make it the ideal product for on board rail vehicle installations.


High bandwidth and temperature performance delivers increased data rate capability on board (Photo: Belden, PR305)

The Belden BE43802 data cable is designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant international railway standards, EN 45545-2 and EN 50155.

The 10 Gbps transmission performance provides a higher bandwidth capability, enabling increased data transfer in expanding on board networks. Because of this the Belden BE43802 data cable allows operators to integrate more services and applications for both passengers and operational requirements as they strive to deliver an enhanced travel experience.

This Cat 7 cable is unique in having a maximum operating temperature of 90°C, exceeding the 85°C short term temperature requirement in Class TX of the EN 50155 railway standard. This means that the cable has almost no limitations when it comes to on board installation locations throughout the train.

The combination of braid and foil shielding provides high strength and immunity to electrical interference. The halogen-free, oil resistant and flame retardant cable jacket material and insulation delivers superior performance in fire situations and low smoke emissions. These characteristics makes it a particularly safe option for use in railway systems, allowing installation in critical operational areas, such as the drivers cab or engine room, as well as passenger compartments

The 19-strand copper conductors provide added flexibility as well as flex life, and the resulting small bend radius allows for easy and risk free installation within limited spaces and bulkheads without any effect on signal transmission.

A distinctive blue cable jacket provides ease of identification after installation.

“The latest generation of railway transport vehicles is being designed to future-proof passenger and operator service systems,” says Richard Weatherburn, Belden’s vertical marketing manager for Transportation. “Train builders and designers are now specifying data networks that can support increased bandwidth and data transfer rates in order to achieve this, and the Belden BE43802 will better enable them to reach their targets.”

This new RailTuff cable is designed for the transmission of data and signals using Ethernet technology for on-board applications, effectively future proofing the on board Ethernet backbone and enabling compliance with the new series of IEC standards: IEC EN 61375 “Train Communication Network (TCN)” and IEC EN 62580 “On-board Multimedia and Telematic Subsystems for Railways.”

With the new RailTuff product extension, Belden has a complete portfolio of data communication cables in the railway transportation environment, covering from 100 Mbps, to 1 Gbps and now also 10 Gbps. So no matter what the bandwidth requirements are, Belden has a cable that has been specifically designed to meet them.

Rail vehicles are becoming increasingly more sophisticated with more systems being installed onboard to take advantage of new technologies. As the data rates to support all of these onboard systems increase, the combined Belden product portfolio is ready to meet and exceed your current requirements. A Belden supplied network solution, combining cable, connectivity and switching elements can now be designed to provide data rates for the future, thus eliminating the need for any upgrades to cope with future onboard system innovations.

“Integrated systems using equipment from a single source provide superior safety and security and reliability, they can be installed more quickly and maintained more easily, operational costs are lower, and they offer flexibility for adding specific applications in the future,” says Weatherburn.

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