Belden Presents New Robotic Product Program from its Lumberg Automation Brand

Torsion-resistant control cables combined with broad range of IP67-rated M8 and M12 connectors permit flexible and reliable wiring solutions



Schalksmühle, Germany – November 27, 2012 - Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has launched a new Robotic product program for the Lumberg Automation range in the EMEA region. The Lumflex STL 500 is a UL-certified, four-pole control cable with a torsional strength of +/- 720° per meter. It is also fire-retardant, resistant to lubricants, acids, alkalis and UV radiation, and capable of withstanding welding sparks. The operating temperature range is -45°C to +80°C. This control cable is available on drums of 100 or 500 m and with molded IP67-rated M8 and M12 connectors (straight or angled, with or without wiring). The versions with molded connectors at one end are available in lengths of 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 m. Those with molded connectors at both ends can be obtained in combinations of M8/M8 and M12/M12 and with standard lengths of 0.3, 0.6, 1, 1.5, 2 and 5 m. Thanks to hundreds of different standard molded connector versions, individual lengths of cable, and a broad range of field-attachable connectors, the Robotic product program has the ideal solution for almost any automation application that requires reliable wiring of industrial robots or electrical/electronic modules. Customer-specific versions can also be supplied.

BLDPR262DE1112 Belden stellt neues Robotik-Produktprogramm der Marke Lumberg Automation vor

With a halogen-free jacket of black polyurethane (PUR), the STL 500 control cable has a diameter of 5.1 mm. The four copper conductors are color-coded brown, white, blue and black (in a clockwise direction) and have a cross-section diameter of 0.34 mm². An aramid core prevents the conductors from sticking to each other or to the jacket, so ensuring optimum strain relief. The control cable can carry an operating voltage of up to 500 V.

Because the junction between the connector contacts and leads is completely enclosed in insulating plastic, the molded control cables guarantee reliable contact. This eliminates problems such as depressed pins or sporadic vibration-related short circuits. What's more, the molding ensures tight connections even when cables are subject to strain or compression.

The field-attachable M8 and M12 connectors in the Robotic product program have a contact resistance of ≤5 mΩ. Rated current is 4 A (at 40℃). Depending on the version, rated and test voltages are between 30 and 240 V or 0.8 und 2.5 kV (eff./60 s). Insulation resistance is >109 Ω. The connectors' compact, translucent housing is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). Further features include a self-locking threaded joint, rolled spring contacts, and a so-called "piggyback circuit", which ensures correct operation even if the LED display is damaged.

The new Lumberg Automation Robotic product program – with possible application scenarios ranging from welding and painting processes in the automotive industry, and automatic placement machines for electronics engineering, right through to material handling and packaging – underscores Belden's position as a leading provider of industry-grade connection technology. Product Manager Joachim Kiera says: "Thanks to ultra-modern sensors and high-resolution imaging systems, industrial robots are increasingly developing into flexible automation tools for an enormous range of applications. Ensuring a high degree of operational reliability, our new product program supports this trend."

Lumberg Automation, a Belden Brand, means dependable signal transmission – even in harsh industrial environments. In several industrial industries, automation technologies make things move. Since the early 1980s, industrial automation customers have trusted the Lumberg Automation brand to deliver the quality connectors and wiring components necessary for maximum reliability of their dynamic automation technologies. Lumberg Automation products have outstanding compact design, chemical resistance and high mechanical and electrical loading capacity. From single- and double-ended cordsets to centralized or decentralized field bus components, the Lumberg Automation brand offers optimal solutions. For more information about Lumberg, please visit
www.lumberg-automation.com or e-mail for product inquiries.

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