While still a student, you can learn and gain work experience and be financially independent.

Belden can give you the opportunity to work as an intern in a variety of different areas and locations, either alongside your studies or during semester vacations.

Summer Internships last approximately 12 weeks beginning in May. During the summer, interns are given 1 to 3 projects to work on real solutions to business issues and/or create new programs for our Company. Projects are determined in late April for the up-coming summer and consist of a wide variety of challenges. At the end of 12 weeks, each intern will present their accomplishments to the senior leadership team, their managers and peers.


Receive 1-3 challenging projects designed to test out and expand your problem-solving abilities


Work directly with a mentor, learning invaluable management skills for future endeavors


Create lasting relationships with working professionals, expanding your network for opportunities


Gain hands-on experience while developing solutions to real world Problems

Belden Human Resources

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