Wayside Signaling System Communication

Along the railway track, Belden provides the backbone network infrastructure serving the equipment for the railway signaling system, for example the switches for the BTSs or the fiber optic cables. This network can also be used for the operation of systems related to signaling such as SCADA controls, security and maintenance systems.

Belden RailTuff™ Ethernet Rail Cable

For use in Ethernet Networks at 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps data rates, RailTuff™ on-board Ethernet rail cables deliver a range of benefits:

  • High reliability: stress resistant since the tube does not have direct contact with the fiber much of the external stress placed on the tube will not be transferred to the fiber.
  • Future proof Investment with up to 10Gbps data rates supported
  • High versatility: for a wide variety of applications, as they are designed for direct burial, duct, outside tray and aerial applications, multi loose tube cables are available without aqua gel between tubes (dry core) or with jelly-filled cable core.

Hirschmann™ Managed DIN Rail Mount Switches

Compact, managed Open Rail switches assure innovative redundancy solutions. They also enable network supervision for the highest availability for complex process and traffic automation.
This range of Hirschmann products delivers the following benefits:

  • Great versatility: the “Open Rail” concept offers tailor-made products for every application.
  • Cost-efficiency: networks with optimum price per port ratio: 4-, 8-, 9-, 16-, 17-, 24- and 25-port switches.
  • Increased backbone bandwidth availability: to meet future demand with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports availability.
  • Easy device status management: functions support Web and SNMP-based tools
  • Increased reliability: ring redundancy solution using MRP (IEC62439)

Hirschmann™ Open Rail - Modular Industrial Switches

Modular Industrial Communication Equipment or MICE, provides total freedom in the network.
Used centrally in the control cabinet, or in a decentralized manner in the distribution cabinet, MICE Switches and media modules are capable of handling every requirement in the Industrial Ethernet network.
This range of Hirschmann products provides the following benefits:

  • Future-proof and tailor-made solution: thanks the Open Rail concept and to the modularity, it can meet current needs and is prepared for the growing network demands of the future.
  • Technology leadership: many different technologies such as PoE, AUI, PTPv2 and Digital I/Os can be used in this platform with different media modules.
  • High flexibility: thanks to Gigabit-SFP fiberoptic modules, the supported standards and connections and the extended temperature range (from – 40°C up to + 70°C) option.
  • Easier commissioning and installation: thanks to their robust structure, DIN rail mounting and large labeling fields, smart autoconfiguration and autocrossing functions and Auto Configuration Adapter ACA.

Hirschmann™ MACH1000 family

Ruggedized MACH1000 Switches offer maximum reliability. The new indestructible / rugged Hirschmann substation (IEC 61850) switches for Gigabit/Fast-Ethernet applications deliver excellent performance, high port density, excellent RFI/EMI shielding and great flexibility in a compact form. This range of Hirschmann products delivers the following benefits:

  • Maximize your performance: top-end MAR1040 model has16 GE ports with non-blocking architecture, extensive Layer 2 and Layer 3 software, fastest ring recovery times, extremely fast boot time <10 seconds, PTP IEEE1588v2 on board, accuracy 30 ns.
  • Longer-life cycle: fanless design of MACH switches gives superior reliability
  • Increased reliability: able to withstand vibrations and shocks
  • Space savings: no need for rack cooling system
  • Reduce energy costs: able to withstand high temperatures up to 80°C without any externally powered cooling
  • Greater efficiency: separation of services inside the same physical network by using virtual networks (VLAN)