Onboard Signaling System Communication

The train transmits its exact position and direction to the control center and receives movement authority together with permissible speed and route data, processed by the onboard computer and transferred to the cockpit screen. The onboard network provides the connection for all the signaling equipment on the train. Belden provides innovative rail approved copper cables and switches, compliant with the EN50155 standard.

Belden Industrial Ethernet Rail Cables

For use in Gigabit Ethernet networks or as 100Mbps version (10Gigabit network support coming soon), Industrial Ethernet Rail Cables deliver a range of benefits.

  • Integrate more services: demands for a more superior passenger travel experience can be met by integrating more on board systems thanks to a Gigabit capacity
  • Future proof investment: use of Gigabit (10Gigabit in the future) in the network
  • Reduce maintenance costs: oil resistant, halogen free and flame retardant construction compliant with international railway standards
  • Improve safety: low toxicity, low smoke emissions and flame retardant
  • Improve reliability: oil resistant cable jacket protects data signal in harsh environments to ensure constant system performance
  • Save installation time: small bend radius cable bends without affecting signal transmission in limited space applications
  • Superior durability: thanks to its robust and secure construction the cable withstands vibration and movement whilst maintaining electrical performance over its lifetime

Belden train approved M12 Connector

Our train approved M12 Connector delivers a range of benefits:

  • Save time: easy mounting spring type clamp
  • High reliability of data transmission: innovative shielding concept
  • Reduce maintenance costs: high vibration-proof M12 connector reduces probability of network failure
  • Protect your investment: with 100Mbps/1Gbps (10Gbps EN 50155 approval pending) available, meet or exceed today's standard with sufficient bandwidth

Hirschmann™ Train approved IP67 Switches - OCTOPUS Family

Train approved IP67 Switches in the OCTOPUS Family deliver a range of benefits:

  • Increase safety of passengers: high performance Gigabit network enables the installation of additional cameras for real time pictures
  • Protect investment: high performance Gigabit backbone delivers sufficient bandwidth for now and the future.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: greater bandwidth facilitates the addition of more multimedia applications
  • Ensure greater reliability in harsh environments:. these switches (with water resistant housing) can be placed close to the outer shell of a train as they are impervious to water
  • Greater operational flexibility: train can be used in all weather and temperature conditions around the world
  • Reduce maintenance costs: vibration-proof construction gives longer operational life on board moving vehicles.
  • Increase networking stability: stable communications system enhances passenger experience by recognizing overall quality

Hirschmann™ MACH1000 family

Ruggedized MACH1000 Switches offer maximum reliability. The new indestructible / rugged Hirschmann substation (IEC 61850) switches for Gigabit/Fast-Ethernet applications deliver excellent performance, high port density, excellent RFI/EMI shielding and great flexibility in a compact form. This range of Hirschmann products delivers the following benefits:

  • Maximum performance: top-end MAR1040 model has16 GE ports with non-blocking architecture, extensive Layer 2 and Layer 3 software, fastest ring recovery times, extremely fast boot time <10 seconds, PTP IEEE1588v2 on board, accuracy 30 ns.
  • Longer-life cycle: fanless design of MACH switches gives superior reliability
  • Increased reliability: able to withstand vibrations and shocks
  • Space savings: no need for rack cooling system
  • Reduce energy costs: able to withstand high temperatures up to 80°C without any externally powered cooling
  • Greater efficiency: separation of services inside the same physical network by using virtual networks (VLAN)


  • CB 001EBELDEN BE43769 a railway approved data cable (PDF)