Control Center Communication

The control center is the point of collection and management of all data from the field. Operators at the center are informed in real time of the situation on the line and control train traffic, adherence to schedules, routes and - speeds. Other data such as electric traction substation information, SCADA, PIS and security systems are monitored. Belden provides network equipment with the maximum number of ports and bandwidth capacity.

Belden 10GX®, CAT6+ and CAT5E Bonded-Pair Modular Cords

The 10GX, CAT6+ and CAT5E series of Bonded-Pair Modular Cords are made with Belden’s patented robust design Bonded-Pair cables. These new modular cords offer the best combination of transmission performance and physical integrity and ensure that these cords meet the stringent TIA mechanical stress reliability specifications.
This range of Belden products delivers the following benefits: Maximum reliability: exceptional structural stability and electrical performance thanks to the Belden’s patented Bonded-Pair cable response in environments where frequent moves, adds, and changes are routine

  • Greater flexibility: the highest density installations are possible thanks to the small diameter Bonded-Pair cable
  • Improved efficiency: improved attenuation using solid conductors that are needed in long patch cords and pigtails to eliminate the need for cable derating in open-office cabling and optimum protection in high-density installations, being built with improved strain relief and a flexible boot
  • Time savings: thanks to easier product identification and length sorting thanks to the wrap-around label on each cord
  • Increased lifetime and performance: exceeds TIA and ISO transmission and mechanical performance requirements

Belden KeyConnect™ Patch Panels

The KeyConnect Patch Panel series is a comprehensive line of robust all-metal, preloaded and modular patch panels. The series provides a flexible, versatile and high density termination solution for Data Center and Telecommunications Room installations.

Belden KeyConnect™ Patch Panels deliver the following benefits:

  • Greater design flexibility and optimization of rack and cabinet installations; available in a wide variety of preloaded and modular configurations
  • Reduce punch down termination: thanks to robust all-metal construction which allows direct termination on the back of the panel
  • Time savings: facilitated functions like port identification with large front labeling space, port location with front and back port numbering, cable routing with rear cable management brackets
  • Greater versatility: thanks to the compatibility with standard 19” equipment such as racks, cabinets or wall mount brackets and with KeyConnect Modular Jacks

Hirschmann™ HiVision - Network Management Software

Industrial HiVision is designed to meet the needs for maximum network visibility. It is ideal for configuring and supervising all Hirschmann™ managed networking products, as well as third-party devices. It provides insight into the status of the end devices and network components whilst they are in operation.
Hirschmann™ HiVision software delivers the following benefits:

  • Time savings: Auto-Topology Discovery guarantees that network topology is correct
  • Optimized traffic flow: topology display provides advanced notice before failure occurs in the network, reducing maintenance costs
  • Reduce installation time: MultiConfig™ facilitates configuration of all networking devices simultaneously
  • Greater efficiency during configuration: reduce potential errors during configuration and less need for training of installation personal
  • Reduce complexity: integration of third-party devices requires only one management application for all devices of a communication network Cost savings: no need for different supervision software applications

Hirschmann™ EAGLE20-0400 and EAGLE30-0402

These new Hirschmann™ Multi-port Firewalls offer absolute flexibility for physical deployment combined with state-of-the-art security functionality tailored to the unique requirements of Industrial Ethernet Networks
Hirschmann™ EAGLE20-0400 and EAGLE30-0402 deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduce cost of inventory: thanks to the Network Address Translator the same IP address is used for all network participants, so fewer spare parts are required
  • Improved security: with high level of access protection
  • Reduce costs: the transparent firewall requires no changes of network structure and/or IP addresses, saving installation and maintenance time. Improved reliability reduces service and maintenance costs
  • Greater flexibility: able to operate in a wide temperature range
  • Maximum reliability: thanks to increased network stability

Hirschmann™ MACH 4000 system

The MACH 4000 backbone switch is real all-rounder (Layer 2 or layer 3 switch) and suits all applications - especially large networks, with a large number of media modules, high port density and the extendable routing functionality.

  • Excellent price/performance ratio: through the combination of pre-installed and modular ports
  • Maximum flexibility: expandable by up to 4 media modules, plug & play function, supports power sources with 100 up to 240 V AC, 120 up to 350 V DC, 24 V DC and 48 V DC
  • Maximum performance in the industrial backbone: extensive Layer 2 and Layer 3 software, extended temperature range from 0 up to +60°C, up to 48 GE ports and 3 x10GE
  • Increase uptime: power supply redundancy through use of M4-POWER chassis

Hirschmann™ MACH100 family

Rack Mounted Switches of the MACH100 family deliver a range of benefits:

  • Greater flexibility: hot-swap capable modular variant makes it easy to add or replace media modules without shutting down the whole switch, thus enabling operations to continue
  • Maximize availability: replace modules without affecting running applications
  • Space savings: 19” 1U Height control room switch MACH100 can have an integrated redundant power supply. No additional rack space is needed. This combines highest density with maximum safety
  • Maximize operation: HIPER-Ring & MRP-Ring ensure link recovery times below 50ms on Gigabit links. Safe communication is mandatory to minimize delays caused by technical problems