Communication routes set in Zurich‘s main railway station



Numerous shopping arcades and railway stations in the periphery require complex building services. For the communication between the management system and automation stations, a data network based on the Ethernet standard was installed. High availability thanks to a homogeneous concept, redundancy at crucial points and industrial standard equipment ensure smooth operation around the clock in the transport hub of Zurich.



One management system for open integration technology, standardised system interfaces facilitate step-by-step modernisation of the building management system. First the interface for the operators is replaced. A new man-machine interface provides for modern, up to date control of the complete highly complex infrastructure. In the second step, the extensive infrastructure of automation stations is subjected to a process of replacement while continuing in operation.

The openness and flexibility of Leicom at the management level enables controllers from different manufacturers and generations to be integrated into the system. Old and new automation equipment is connected over the homogeneous communication network, this facilitates modern distribution and access for automation data.

The user interface is straightforward and safe to use without the operating organisation having to include different product specifications in the concept. Leicom provides the basis for the „smoothed“ financing of surgery on the nervous system of a building complex.

Project parameters

  • 65 existing automation stations in the main railway station
  • 5 existing automation systems outside the main railway station
  • Control computer with redundant system
  • Energy measurement as basis for energy billing


  • Full coverage network based on Ethernet
  • Central switch for optical fiber (100BASE-FX) and twisted pair (100BASE-TX)
  • External railways stations connected via FrameRelay
  • Remote access via ISDN
  • Network access for notebooks at the automation stations


  • MACH3002 with optical fiber and twisted pair
  • Optical fiber for longer connections
  • Full coverage 100 Mbps switched
  • Router with FrameRelay WAN protocol and ISDN for remote access
  • Linux server operating system

APROL control system software for:

  • Communication with the automation stations
  • Information display and alarms
  • Control
  • Energy data acquisition
  • Data analysis
  • Operation via PC
  • Export functions for energy data


  • 2 control computers
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet Switch MACH3002
  • 3 Multiprotocol Router X4000
  • 6 Rail Switches RS2-FX/FX
  • 9 Rail Switches RS2-TX/TX

Why Hirschmann™?

  • Homogeneous product family
  • Expandability
  • Industrial standard products
  • Manageable components